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OpenLocalization CLI tool

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Download the last PHAR file from the releases panel and add it to your $PATH:

curl -LO "${VERSION}/openl10n.phar"
chmod +x openl10n.phar
mv openl10n.phar /usr/local/bin/openl10n

Or clone the source and build it manually using Composer and Box Project.

git clone; cd openl10n-cli
composer install
box build
mv openl10n.phar /usr/local/bin/openl10n

You can also include it directly in a PHP project by adding it in your Composer dependencies:

composer require openl10n/cli


Write a .openl10n.yml file on the root of your project:

# Server configuration
    hostname: # Location of your openl10n instance
    port: 80               # Specify port if needed (optional)
    use_ssl: true          # If openl10n is protected by ssl (optional)
    username: user         # User credentials (login)
    password: userpass     # User credentials (password)

# Project identifier
project: foobar

# Path to the translation files
    # Example of patterns for a standard Symfony application
    - pattern: app/Resources/translations/*.<locale>.*
    - pattern: src/*Bundle/Resources/translations/*.<locale>.*

If you use versionning with this configuration file then it's better to specify server credentials outside of the project.

You can use an alias in the .openl10n.yml file:

# Server configuration
server: foobar

and reference the credentials for this alias into the $HOME/.openl10n/server.conf file:

port: 80
use_ssl: true
username: user
password: userpass

Upload translations:

openl10n push --locale=all

Download translations:

openl10n pull --locale=all

Select files to upload

You can select the files you want to push to the server by adding a file name list at the end of the command:

openl10n push --locale=all app/Resources/fr.yml config/translations/de.yml

Select files to download

Same thing here:

openl10n pull --locale=all app/Resources/fr.yml config/translations/de.yml


OpenLocalization is released under the MIT License. See the bundled LICENSE file for details.