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ODAF OpenTurf

OpenTurf is an open-source mapping application for multiple web & mobile platform that enables citizen interaction with Point-of-Interest data. It is an update to the Open Data Application Framework (ODAF) project, used to create VanGuide web & mobile applications (iPhone, Windows Phone 7).

OpenTurf can "mash up" location-aware open data sets in KML format. A key feature of OpenTurf is that it enables social sharing and commenting that makes the data interactive. This way a government organization can share data & gather feedback on specific data points. Citizens can:

  • Visualize multiple datasets in one centralized location
  • Rate, comment & tag individual data points in multiple datasets
  • Upload your own data points (mash up your data with other datasets)
  • Interact with visual points as well as boundary (polygon) information

This application is available as Silverlight web application, iPhone, iPad and Windows Phone 7, Check out a live demo, download the code or install using Open Data Installer.