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Open Data Platform Installer


The Open Data Platform Installer (ODPI) will allow any non-technical folks to get a customized collection of Open Data applications up and running on Windows Azure by filling out a few details.

How to deploy ODPI in Azure

Storage account configuration

  1. Download the ODPI Blob Files archive.
  2. If you don't have an Azure Storage account yet, create one.
  3. In your Azure Storage account, create a container named "components" in the blob storage.
  4. Uncompress the zip archive downloaded step 1 and upload all the files to the components container of your blob storage.

Solution configuration

  1. Open Visual Studio 2012 with administrator privileges.
  2. Under ODPI.Cloud/Roles, open the ODPI role and go to the settings tab.
  3. Now replace [StorageName] and [StorageKey] by your the credentials of your Azure Storage account containing your blob files.
  4. Resolve all references errors using NuGet package manager.
  5. You can now "package" and deploy your ODPI solution to Azure Cloud Services.
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