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FireFox endless loop: p_elSource.attachEvent is not a function #6

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The javascript is implemented in a number of different fashions.

I've begun the process of moving the javascript around to increase page load performance. Next step is to find all the duplicated JS code and pull it into a javascript file. Simplifying the JS will allow for condensing the javascript into possibly a single file which can be minimized to reduce both the amount of http requests but also the size of the javascript download.

@remiolivier remiolivier closed this issue from a commit
@remiolivier remiolivier Fix Firefox issues with OGDI. Fixes #6
Error is due to the bing maps API whose call an auto loaded script
(AtlasCompat.js) that is not properly instanced with Firefox.
A second error occured after applying this fix because of the
MicrosoftAjax.js script. The results is an infinite refresh loop on the
page. To solve this issue the MicrosoftAjax.js script is replaced by the
new script coming from ASP.NET MVC 4.
The detailed fix description can be found here :
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