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DataLab Open Government Data Initiative (OGDI) v5 Wiki

Here you will find instructions on how to build and deploy the OGDI DataLab Framework v5 to your own Windows Azure instance.

"Start Here" : Project, Component & Services Overview

  1. OGDI Projects Topology
  2. OGDI DataLab v4/v5 Services Detail
  3. OGDI Service & Roles Detail
  4. OGDI DataLab v5 Updates and Improvements

"Hold My Hand" : Step by Step Walk-through Guides

  1. Cloning the Project
  2. Installing OGDI DataLab version 5 on Azure
  3. Creating a Windows Azure Account
  4. Build & Load Data : How-to View OGDI v1/v2

"I Can Code" : OGDI Documentation & Instructions

  1. OGDI DataLab v5 at a Glance
  2. Prerequisites
  3. Build & Deploy

For a complete walk-through guide refer to the 6-Part "How To Install OGDI" on

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