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2012-03-01 David Bigagli <>
* Mekefiles Modified the copyright notices. Updated the
address to reflect .org instead of .net.
2012-01-23 David Bigagli <>
* Created 2.0 branch.
2011-11-07 David Bigagli <>
* Rewrote the caching code to read the hosts file only
once and add the host in the cache. Removed the cache timeout
and simplified the entire implementation to use only two interface
functions: Gethostbyname_() and Gethostbyaddr_().
Change the old C types u_int and casta to char *
into the current linux types whenever required.
Modified the daemons code to use the new host library
2011-10-30 David Bigagli <>
* mbd.policy.c Developed a little round robin scheduler absed on the number of jobs a user has running.
* openlava.spec modified the spec file so that autoconf creates
openlava configuration files and use the outptu variables to make
the necessary subsititution in the them. Change the post install
to just erase the package without saving anything.
Removed the symbolic link as that is something sites have to
do as they may want to run more versions together, also
in now the lsf.conf has the version in the openlava
fundamental variables clearly indicating which version is in use.
2011-09-16 David Bigagli <>
* README removed obsolete information about the source code directory structure.
Added the README and COPYING file to the rmp file.
2011-09-14 David Bigagli <>
* lsf.h Added the openlava foundation copyright.
2011-09-09 David Bigagli <>
* openlava.spec Updated the spec file to reflect the changes in teh build system. The ownership of all files changed, no longer root, the entire installation tree is owned by the openlava user. The daemons to run in multi user mode must still be started at root which is guaranteed at boot by init.
2011-08-27 David Bigagli <>
* openlavaconfig.h Removed it from the top directory and merge its content into lsf.h which is the openlava master header file. In this way the repository is more GNU like as well.
2011-08-23 David Bigagli <>
* GNU build system. Switched openlava from home made makefiles to the GNU build system.
2011-07-20 David Bigagli <>
* scripts/Makefile: added the installation
of scripts that manage the integration with
mpi and openmpi.
2011-07-17 David Bigagli <>
* lib.table.c: Added getClosestPrime() function to
always size and resize tables as primies.
* lsbatch/daemons/mbd.init.c (addHost):
Set the number of CPUs on batch host to be its MXJ.
If MXJ is not confgiured than use the number of physical
CPUs as provided by openlava base.
2011-07-16 David Bigagli <>
* Added lsb.hosts
2011-06-16 David Bigagli <>
* Makefiles changed all variables to run install from LAVA
* config/Makefile added a command to install COPYING and README files
to the LAVA_ROOT/conf directory
2011-06-07 David Bigagli <>
* lava startup script was rewritten, simplified and introduce
the possibility to run daemons in single user mode.
* Added a doc directory with original Platform pdf for lava
administrator and user.
* lava.spec Rober Stober added a new lava.spec to buidl rpm.
* Make.misc removed the reference to the architecture x86_64
and changed the make install to also install the lava sturtup script.
2011-05-02 David Bigagli <>
* Makefile(s): Removed PREFIX variable from all make files and
introduced Lava specific installation variables in Make.misc.
* Makefile(s): Made static link for all Lava binaries.
* Makefiles(s): Changed makefiles not to build shared libraries
by default and modified the shared libraries to use standard .so
suffix instead of .So.
2011-04-24 David Bigagli <>
* ChangeLog: Created this file.
* Make.def: Set the location of TCL header files in /usr/local/include
instead of /usr/include. TCL_INCLUDE = /usr/local/include
* Make.def: Added a static link for TCL libtcl8.4.a from
/usr/local/lib. TCLLIB = /usr/local/lib/libtcl8.4.a
* Make.def: Removed the -O2 optimization flag and the hash-style
linker option.
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