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lsrun or bsub by root #10

robertomeda opened this Issue Dec 30, 2011 · 2 comments

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I know root cant submit via bsub or run via lsrun, but:

[root@centos5-6 openlava-2.0]# lsid
openlava project 2.0, Dec 30 2011

My cluster name is openlava
My master name is centos5-6
[root@centos5-6 openlava-2.0]# lsrun hostname
Segmentation fault
[root@centos5-6 openlava-2.0]# bsub hostname
[root@centos5-6 openlava-2.0]# echo $?
openlava commented Jan 4, 2012

1) The segmentation fault in lsrun is fixed there was a problem in the library, the code was accessing an already free memory. However there is still a problem that lsrun can hang if the ran as root and the remote res does not have
LSF_ROOT_REX=y defined in lsf.conf, this very specific issue requires an effort we don't think is worth to invest at that time especially given that it is a configuration problem. However we keep it open because it is worth to investigate as it can exposes issues in the base library.
2) The second problem cannot be reproduced:
root@bokis /tmp => bsub -o /dev/null sleep 1
User permission denied. Job not submitted.
This is the current behavior.

Thanks, David

openlava commented Jan 4, 2012

It should say: this is the correct behavior.
If you want root to submit jobs define LSF_ROOT_REX=y in lsf.conf on the master host.

root@bokis /tmp => bsub -o /dev/null sleep 1
Job <726> is submitted to default queue .


@openlava openlava closed this Apr 24, 2012
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