Modified automake/autoconf to deploy config.h as lsfconfig.h #50

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lsf.h includes config.h which is built but not deployed. Modified build to use lsfconfig.h rather than config.h and install lsfconfig.h into includedir.


Hi. Isn't it easier to add the installation of config.h in lsf/

david@bokis ~/openlava/lsf>git diff
diff --git a/lsf/ b/lsf/
index b5abb57..3d42774 100644
--- a/lsf/
+++ b/lsf/
@@ -4,7 +4,7 @@

include $(top_srcdir)/

-include_HEADERS = lsf.h
+include_HEADERS = lsf.h ../config.h

SUBDIRS = intlib lib lim pim lstools lsadm man

When adding something new in openlava we should use the 'openlava' prefix rather than lsf. :-)

@openlava openlava closed this Jun 22, 2016
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