Use drawFeature by passing render intent #562

drnextgis opened this Issue Jun 30, 2012 · 2 comments

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It looks like now impossible to draw feature with drawFeature function by passing renderIntent if feature itself have own style For example, I would like to draw feature with "select" render intent: drawFeature(feature, "select"). Is it expected behaviour?

OpenLayers member

If your layer is configured with a styleMap and not a style, and your feature does not have a style as well, you should be able to call drawFeature with a renderIntent that is defined in the layer's styleMap. Note that the order of precedence is -> -> renderIntent. So depending on how your layer and features are configured, this can well be expected behavior.


Andreas, thanks for answer. That make sense. But it looks a little bit confusing. In my case I have layer configured with styleMap (without and would like to draw particular feature which have own style using one of render intent. And it not obviously why is used instead styleMap.styles['render intent'] while I perform drawFeature(feature, "select").

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