IE 11 WebGL rendering map incorrectly #1738

theoutlander opened this Issue Feb 21, 2014 · 5 comments

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Seems like IE 11 is rendering the (Bing) map incorrectly when using WebGL.


IE11's support for WebGL is incomplete and buggy at the moment, so this is not unexpected.


What problem are you seeing exactly? Your example works for me with IE11 running inside a VM.

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Closing due to lack of response

@fredj fredj closed this Mar 17, 2014

Sorry, I just noticed your question here. I tried it in IE 11 now and it seems to work!! I don't know if something changed in OL or if an IE update fixed it. I was originally seeing the map all distorted. A tile was getting rendered in 4 different transformed angles .. hard to explain without a screenshot.


Also, I think it is a good idea to send messages directly using @alias as it's hard to tell if someone's asking a question without reading every message. Even though I opened it, it didn't notify me.

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