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Included in this directory

  • ol.html - the web page used to run the test suite.

  • spec - includes the OpenLayers test/spec files.

  • jasmine-1.2.0 - includes the Jasmine Testing Framework.

  • jasmine-extensions.js - includes OpenLayers-specific extensions to Jasmine.

  • phantom-jasmine - a PhantomJS script and a console reporter to for headless testing. Comes from

Run the test suite with PhantomJS

With PhantomJS installed, and assuming phantomjs is in the PATH:

$ phantomjs phantom-jasmine/ ol.html

(Works with PhantomJS 1.6.1, untested with other versions.)

This command can also be run by doing make test at the root of ol3.

Tip for TDD'ers: to make PhantomJS run the test suite continuously each time a spec file is changed you can use nosier ( and do nosier -p test -p src "make test".

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