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# Usage:
# $ ./ <release_number>
# Example:
# $ ./ 2.12-rc7
# This script should be run on the server.
# What the script does:
# 1. Download release tarball from from GitHub.
# 2. Create builds using the Closure Compiler.
# 3. Run the script to create the examples index.
# 4. Run csstidy for each CSS file in theme/default.
# 5. Publish builds and resources on
# 6. Build the API docs.
# 7. Create release archives
# 8. Make the release archives available on
wget -c
wget -O release-${VERSION}.tar.gz${VERSION}
tar xvzf release-${VERSION}.tar.gz
mv openlayers-openlayers-* OpenLayers-${VERSION}
cd OpenLayers-${VERSION}/build
mv ../../compiler.jar ../tools/closure-compiler.jar
./ -c closure full
./ -c closure mobile
./ -c closure light OpenLayers.light.js
./ -c none full OpenLayers.debug.js
./ -c none mobile
./ -c none light OpenLayers.light.debug.js
mv OpenLayers*.js ../
rm ../tools/closure-compiler.jar
cd ..
cd tools
cd ..
for i in google ie6-style style; do
csstidy theme/default/$i.css --template=highest theme/default/$i.tidy.css
mkdir -p doc/devdocs
mkdir -p doc/apidocs
rm tools/*.pyc
mkdir -p /osgeo/openlayers/sites/$VERSION
cp OpenLayers*.js /osgeo/openlayers/sites/$VERSION
cp -a img/ /osgeo/openlayers/sites/$VERSION
cp -a theme/ /osgeo/openlayers/sites/$VERSION
cd ..
naturaldocs -i OpenLayers-$VERSION/lib -o HTML OpenLayers-$VERSION/doc/devdocs -p OpenLayers-$VERSION/doc_config -s Small OL
naturaldocs -i OpenLayers-$VERSION/lib -o HTML OpenLayers-$VERSION/doc/apidocs -p OpenLayers-$VERSION/apidoc_config -s Small OL
tar cvfz OpenLayers-$VERSION.tar.gz OpenLayers-$VERSION/
zip -9r OpenLayers-$ OpenLayers-$VERSION/
cp OpenLayers-$VERSION.* /osgeo/openlayers/sites/
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