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Setting up development environment

You will obviously start by forking the OpenLayers repository.

Development dependencies

The minimum requirements are:

  • Git
  • Node.js (version 8 and above)

The executables git and node should be in your PATH.

To install the Node.js dependencies run

$ npm install

Running examples

To run the examples you first need to start the dev server:

$ npm run serve-examples

Then, load http://localhost:8080/ in your browser.

Running tests

To run the tests once:

$ npm test

To run the tests continuously during development:

$ npm run karma

Adding examples

Adding functionality often implies adding one or several examples. This section provides explanations related to adding examples.

The examples are located in the examples directory. Adding a new example implies creating two or three files in this directory, an .html file, a .js file, and, optionally, a .css file.

You can use simple.js and simple.html as templates for new examples.