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@@ -43,3 +43,10 @@ The `roundedCorner` option of `Control.LayerSwitcher` is deprecated, and it now
See more detail in the Rico deprecation [pull request](
In future releases we intend to move the Rico and `AnchoredBubble` code into deprecated.js. You really should consider stop using Rico-based functionalities in your applications.
+## Changes in Geometry
+The base `OpenLayers.Geometry` class no longer depends on `OpenLayers.Format.WKT` or `OpenLayers.Feature.Vector`. If you want to make use of the `OpenLayers.Geometry.fromWKT` method, you must explicitly include the OpenLayers/Format/WKT.js file in your build.
+Without the WKT format included (by default), the the `OpenLayers.Geometry::toString` method now returns "[object Object]." Previously, it returned the Well-Known Text representation of the geometry. To maintain the previous behavior, include the OpenLayers/Format/WKT.js file in your build.

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