ie9 gives DOM Exception: INDEX_SIZE_ERR (1) when zooming in. #1597

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When trying for example the Vector layer example:

in ie9 I get a 👍 SCRIPT5022: DOM Exception: INDEX_SIZE_ERR (1)
ol.js, line 184 character 480


fredj commented Mar 17, 2014

I can't reproduce this issue on IE9 (from


I still get it.
I have an old Vista installation with ie9.
What happens is if I do a fast zooming (scrolling fast) then I get no map. If I look in developer tools I get the error message. But now I get a new line number so I guess htere have been some editing in the file.

The error message today is:
SCRIPT5022: DOM Exception: INDEX_SIZE_ERR (1)
ol.js, line 224 character 584


tonio commented Jul 3, 2014

Do you still get the error? If so, can you try in debug mode and tell us which file/line is causing the error?

@tonio tonio added the bug label Jul 3, 2014

I have difficulties to try it since I at last had win7 at work. At home is no Windows boxes.
So, if no one else can duplicate this I guess you can close it.


elemoine commented Aug 15, 2014

Closing for now. Please reopen if you can reproduce.

@elemoine elemoine closed this Aug 15, 2014

I tried running the example on Windows Vista/IE9 with a just downloaded copy of v3.0.0-gamma.4, when setting it to production I got the error described above, in Development I got
SCRIPT5009: 'ol' is undefined
vector-layer.js, line2 character 1.
I also tried the last beta which gave me the same result.

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