Testing framework (Mocha) fails on IE9 #1634

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twpayne commented Feb 4, 2014

Running the tests on IE9 immediately hits this unfixed bug in Mocha:


Sadly, it seems that Mocha doesn't support IE9, and there are reports of similar problems with Mocha and IE10.

Anyone fancy porting the tests back to the Closure testing framework?

Refs #319.


pagameba commented Feb 4, 2014

curious, does ol3 support IE 9 (until #1605 is merged)?


ahocevar commented Feb 4, 2014

I'm more inclined to put resources into Mocha IE9/10 support than going
back to the Closure testing framework.


bartvde commented Feb 4, 2014

definitely, also the above ticket talks of a workaround have you tried it @twpayne ?


twpayne commented Feb 4, 2014

We always sad that we would support IE9, #1605 adds limited support for IE7 and IE8.

Mocha is awful to use on IE9. You don't get stack traces, you can't break when an expect fails, and so you have to manually add and remove breakpoints using IE9 clunky dev tools. It's very painful. This will not be solved by adding several hundred setTimeout(0, ...)s to the tests.


tschaub commented Feb 4, 2014

Please don't spend time porting things back to the Closure testing framework. We can definitely do better.


twpayne commented Feb 4, 2014

Don't worry, it was a tongue-in-cheek comment.

Debugging with Mocha and IE9 is truly hellish. Mocha doesn't give you backtraces on errors, and the IE9 debugger cannot break on errors. As a result, if there's a problem (like an assertion failure) then you have to step through every line of execution manually to find out where it occurred.

tonio closed this Jul 3, 2014

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