NS and EW inverted in ol.coordinate.toStringHDMS #1805

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cedricmoullet commented Mar 5, 2014

In https://github.com/openlayers/ol3/blob/d71ccf64b97e2be93dcd9336997cc17838eb43c0/src/ol/coordinate.js#L217

I believe that the EW coordinate should be before the NS coordinate. (horizontal axis before vertical axis), mainly because the projection.format of EPSG:4326 shows:

yy yy yy NS xx xx xx EW (xx.xx yy.yy)

Does it make sense ?


elemoine commented Mar 12, 2014

Sounds good to me. No objection for changing the order in the string.


twpayne commented Mar 12, 2014

Humans normally write the latitude before the longitude.


twpayne commented Mar 27, 2014

@cedricmoullet, what are your current thoughts on this?


ahocevar commented Mar 27, 2014

I agree with @twpayne. It is very uncommon to write the longitude first. Also the NS/EW notation is very uncommon. Why not just use a common notation like on Wikipedia:

48°12′N 16°22′E (Vienna)
33°51′35.9″S 151°12′40″E (Sydney)
38°53′42.4″N 77°02′12.0″W (Washington D.C.)


cedricmoullet commented Mar 27, 2014

I'm convinced by your explanations.

tonio closed this Jul 3, 2014

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