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The 3.2.0 release includes 70 merged pull requests since 3.1.0. Of note, the KML format now parses NetworkingLink tags. The measure example was reworked to display measurements and help messages while drawing. A WMTS GetCapabilities format was added. The WebGL renderer now supports feature hit detection (on point features). And you can now detect features/colored pixels on image and tile layers! See the full list of changes below.

Upgrade notes

The 3.2.0 release maintains a backwards-compatible API with the 3.1.0 release, so upgrades should be painless. Some special considerations below.

  • You should not call view.setRotation with undefined, to reset the view rotation to 0 then use view.setRotation(0) (see #3176).
  • If you use $(map.getViewport()).on('mousemove') to detect features when the mouse is hovered on the map, you should now rely on the pointermove map event type and check in the pointermove listener that the dragging event property is false (see #3190).