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The v3.6.0 release includes features and fixes from 40 pull requests since v3.5.0. To simplify the code base, there were some changes to "experimental" features. Please follow the upgrade notes to make your applications work with the latest release.

Upgrade notes

ol.interaction.Draw changes

  • The minPointsPerRing config option has been renamed to minPoints. It is now also available for linestring drawing, not only for polygons.
  • The ol.DrawEvent and ol.DrawEventType types were renamed to ol.interaction.DrawEvent and ol.interaction.DrawEventType. This has an impact on your code only if your code is compiled together with ol3.

ol.tilegrid changes

  • The ol.tilegrid.XYZ constructor has been replaced by a static ol.tilegrid.createXYZ() function. The ol.tilegrid.createXYZ() function takes the same arguments as the previous ol.tilegrid.XYZ constructor, but returns an ol.tilegrid.TileGrid instance.
  • The internal tile coordinate scheme for XYZ sources has been changed. Previously, the y of tile coordinates was transformed to the coordinates used by sources by calculating -y-1. Now, it is transformed by calculating height-y-1, where height is the number of rows of the tile grid at the zoom level of the tile coordinate.
  • The widths constructor option of ol.tilegrid.TileGrid and subclasses is no longer available, and it is no longer necessary to get proper wrapping at the 180° meridian. However, for ol.tilegrid.WMTS, there is a new option sizes, where each entry is an ol.Size with the width ('TileMatrixWidth' in WMTS capabilities) as first and the height ('TileMatrixHeight') as second entry of the array. For other tile grids, users can
    now specify an extent instead of widths. These settings are used to restrict the range of tiles that sources will request.
  • For ol.source.TileWMS, the default value of warpX used to be undefined, meaning that WMS requests with out-of-extent tile BBOXes would be sent. Now wrapX can only be true or false, and the new default is true. No application code changes should be required, but the resulting WMS requests for out-of-extent tiles will no longer use out-of-extent BBOXes, but ones that are shifted to real-world coordinates.

New features and fixes