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The 5.2 release adds a few new features a handful of fixes, including regressions that were reported after the 5.1 release. You should be able to upgrade without any additional work. See the one note below regarding snapToPixel on ol/style/Image and subclasses.

We're still working toward type checking with TypeScript. Until that is complete, we apologize for some flwas in the online API documentation. We're excited about the improved experience for application developers when the effort is finished, and will highlight some of the benefit in upcoming releases.

Upgrade Notes

Removal of the snapToPixel option for ol/style/Image subclasses

The snapToPixel option has been removed, and the getSnapToPixel and setSnapToPixel methods are deprecated.

The renderer now snaps to integer pixels when no interaction or animation is running to get crisp rendering. During interaction or animation, it does not snap to integer pixels to avoid jitter.

When rendering with the Immediate API, symbols will no longer be snapped to integer pixels. To get crisp images, set context.imageSmoothingEnabled = false before rendering with the Immediate API, and context.imageSmoothingEnabled = true afterwards.

New Features and Fixes

Dependency Updates