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@ahocevar ahocevar released this Feb 11, 2020 · 103 commits to master since this release

With almost 90 pull requests, this release brings several new features, performance improvements and bug fixes. In addition to that, we once again improved the API documentation and the example pages.

New features and improvements

  • Mousewheel zooming now brings the same user experience as trackpad zooming. One click on the wheel no longer means a jump of a whole zoom level. Instead, depending on the speed of moving the wheel, the user has fine-grained control over zoom increments/decrements.
  • Users now have better control over the initial map viewport when the aspect ratio of the map is different from a specified initial extent.
  • Text rendering has been optimized for decluttering and improved for rotated views. This means lower memory footprint and no more blurry text when the map is rotated. Note: Whit this change, the label cache has been deprecated.
  • A new displacement option for icon, circle and regular shape styles makes positioning of point symbolizers more flexible.
  • Several improvements have been made to the KML parser for reading styles, bringing the rendered result much closer to Google Earth.
  • OpenLayers is now less aggressive on stopping events and preventing event default behavior. This means that users have more control over events, making it easier to use interactive SVGs as layers and to embed maps on scrollable pages.
  • Vector tile layers now have a vector render mode, which brings improved zooming experience for sources with not too much data.
  • We replaced the previous pointer events polyfill to elm-pep, which should work better in web components.

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