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Rendering tests

This directory contains rendering tests which compare a rendered map with a reference image using resemble.js.

Similar to the unit tests, there are two ways to run the tests: directly in the browser or using SlimerJS from the command-line.

To run the tests in the browser, make sure the development server is running (make serve) and open the URL http://localhost:3000/test_rendering/index.html.

From the command-line the tests can be run with the build target make test-rendering.

Adding new tests

When creating a new test case, a reference image has to be created. By appending ?generate to the URL, a canvas with the rendered map will be shown on the page when calling expectResemble. Then the reference image can simply be created with a right-click and "Save image as".

It is recommended to only run a single test case when generating the reference image.

Image difference

When a test fails, an image showing the difference between the reference image and the rendered map can be displayed by appending ?showdiff to the URL.