A-Frame VR component for Leap Motion.
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A-Frame VR leap-hand for Leap Motion

GitHub license Work in progress

A-Frame VR component for Leap Motion controller.


Installation (Scripts)

In the dist/ folder, download either the minified or unminified build. Include the scripts on your page, and all components are automatically registered for you.

Or, use a CDN-hosted version:

<script src="//unpkg.com/aframe-leap-hands/dist/aframe-leap-hands.min.js"></script>

Installation (NPM)

Using NPM and Browserify or Webpack:

npm install --save aframe-leap-hands


<a-entity camera="near: 0.01" look-controls position="0 1.5 0">
  <a-entity leap-hand="hand: left"></a-entity>
  <a-entity leap-hand="hand: right"></a-entity>


leap-hand component:

Property Default Description
hand left or right
enablePhysics false Adds a physics body for aframe-physics-system.
holdDistance 0.2 Holding distance, in meters.
holdDebounce 100 Debouncing on grip, in milliseconds.
holdSelector [holdable] Selector that limits which objects may be held.
holdSensitivity 0.95 0—1.
releaseSensitivity 0.75 0–1.
debug false Shows a grip target indicator.

leap system:

Property Default Description
vr true If true, sets default VR position and quaternion.
scale 0.001
position 0 0 0
quaternion 0 0 0 1

For example, to set both hands to desktop configuration:

<a-scene leap="vr: false">
  <a-entity leap-hand="hand: left"></a-entity>
  <a-entity leap-hand="hand: right"></a-entity>