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Inline Dropdown XBlock

This XBlock provides a way to place dropdown questions inline with other text, for example, in a paragraph.

Completed Question


To install the Inline Dropdown XBlock within your edX python environment, simply run this command:

$ pip install -r requirements.txt

Enabling in Studio

Go to Settings -> Advanced Settings and set Advanced Module List to ["inline-dropdown"].

Advanced Module List


Once the Inline Dropdown XBlock is enabled in Studio, you should see a new Component button labeled Advanced:

Component Buttons

Click the Advanced button and you should see the Inline Dropdown XBlock listed:

Advanced Component List

After you've selected the Inline Dropdown XBlock, a default question will be inserted into your unit:

Default Question


The question can be customized by clicking the Edit button on the component:

Studio View Studio View

The Inline Dropdown XBlock uses a simple XML-based structure as shown below:

<inline_dropdown schema_version='1'>
        <p>A fruit is the fertilized ovary of a tree or plant and contains seeds. Given this, a <input_ref input="i1"/> is consider a fruit, while a <input_ref input="i2"/> is considered a vegetable.</p>
       	<optioninput id="i1">
       		<option correct="True">tomato<optionhint>Since the tomato is the fertilized ovary of a tomato plant and contains seeds, it is a fruit.</optionhint></option>
       		<option correct="False">potato<optionhint>A potato is an edible part of a plant in tuber form and is a vegetable, not a fruit.</optionhint></option>
       	<optioninput id="i2">
       		<option correct="False">cucumber<optionhint>Many people mistakenly think a cucumber is a vegetable. However, because a cucumber is the fertilized ovary of a cucumber plant and contains seeds, it is a fruit.</optionhint></option>
       		<option correct="True">onion<optionhint>The onion is the bulb of the onion plant and contains no seeds and is therefore a vegetable.</optionhint></option>
        <hint>A fruit is the fertilized ovary from a flower.</hint>
        <hint>A fruit contains seeds of the plant.</hint>