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German Theme for Open Legal Data
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OLDP DE: German Theme for Open Legal Data

Getting Started

Installation over pip directly from Github:

pip install git+

Alternatively, you could git clone this repository and install it locally:

git clone
cd oldp-de
python install

Tell OLDP to use the OLDP-DE settings file and development configuration:

export DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE=oldp_de.settings
export DJANGO_CONFIGURATION=DevDE  # For production use `ProdDE`

Start OLDP as always (from OLDP directory):

# Run from OLDP directory
python runserver

How does it work?

By loading another settings file, we basically just tell Django to use assets (templates, images, ...) from the German theme if then exist. As a result, we can modify the layout etc. without touching the original OLDP code.

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