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Jupyter notebook showcases using the Open Legal Data API


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Jupyter Notebooks for the OLDP Project

This repository contains serveral Jupyter Notebooks that demonstrate how to use data from the Open Legal Data project.

Python Examples:

  • How to use the OLDP Python client: client_demo

  • Train a N-gram model based on case text: ngram_model

  • Use extract and add annotations (litigation values) to cases: litigtation_value

  • Visualization data from the citation/references dump: references


Get a copy of the repository:

$ git clone

Before getting started you have to install the Python dependencies. The commands assume that you use pipenv:

$ cd oldp-notebooks
$ pipenv --python 3.7
$ pipenv install

Each notebook may have its individual dependencies. Please check the introduction inside the notebooks.

Google Colab

You can also run the Jupyter notebooks directly on Google Colab: