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Open Legends RPG Basic Charactersheet by Great Moustache

Tell YOUR story


1.9.8a on 2018 July 6th

  • Quick Fix of layout due to Roll20 Char-o-mancer update changing default padding/spacing for all charactersheets across the site

    • Next update should be v2.0 of sheet with improved layout and borders (might be awhile)

    1.9.8 on 2018 May 31st

  • Default Advantage for NPCs on Primary attribute 1 & 3 fixed

    • Was the same attribute name, fixed so each seperate
  • Legendary Item display on a new sheet creation by default fixed

    • Toggled it to "hide" instead of "show"

1.9.7 on 2018 May 27th

  • Made NPC initiative rolls go to the tracker
    • Oops, not sure how I let that slip through

1.9.6 on 2018 May 14th

  • Resist Rolls Updated
    • Made Resist Roll buttons next to Speed (to match what was on NPC section)
    • Updated look of Speed section on character sheet

1.9.5 on 2018 May 13th

  • Sheet Type Selection added (and lots of backend coding)
    • Pick between: Primary Character, NPC/Summons, Alternate Form Tier 1 or 2, Companion Tier 1, 2, or 3
    • Changes the calculations for Attribute Points & Feat points based on what is selected
    • Adds some entry fields were applicable (Companion Tier 3 Feat Points Granted)
    • For NPC, shows a completely different sheet for "Quick" build (useful for summons as well)

1.9.3 on 2018 May 10th

  • Fix for "Other Actions" section & Effects
    • On Load function for Other Actions wasn't doing the Power Levels Correctly
    • Forgot to make Effects dice explode (all dice in OL explode!!)

1.9.2 on 2018 May 8th

  • Added Whisper to GM option
    • Global button to make any roll on the sheet go to the GM only
    • Public to send to public

1.9.1 on 2018 May 8th

  • Made Background Tab for the sheet
    • Moved Character Info & Beliefs, Goals, Instincts Sections
    • Added more data fields for the Character Info section
  • GUI Display at Top
    • Added what type of sheet it is for future updates
    • Moved OL logo up and smaller along with version
    • Hidden groundwork for a tab button for whispering rolls to the GM

1.9.0 on 2018 May 7th

  • Massive update to Favored & Other Actions sections
    • Select if action is an Attack (Damaging or Bane), Boon, or Effect
    • Effect isn't quite fully functional yet in that there is a pop-up that doesn't do anything, but will still roll the dice you choose
  • Backgrounds for the borders updated
    • Also white background for things sent to chat
  • Prep work for NPC/Alt Form/Companion tabs
    • Nothing functioning on the user side yet
  • Options Tab added
    • Just information for now, functionality added in next update
  • Note added to Effects in Actions to clarify what it is and about the pop-up on 2018 April 8th

  • Preview and testing of alternate borders
    • Will be implemented further in the next release on 2018 March 10th

  • Fixed Speed Calculations if Mighty is 0
    • Was halving speed even if no heavy items on 2018 March 4th

  • Fixed a new character sheet not auto calculating Feat & Attribute Point Totals
  • Fixed Speed changes based on Max Heavy amount
    • Based on Might Score
  • Fixed Speed not calculating when you entered amounts from Feats
  • Changed GUI for Actions, Inventory, etc to be Gray lines instead of Teal on 2018 January 28th

  • Finished improvements to GUI with the Non-essential Notes section. on 2018 January 28th

  • GUI improvements on layout
    • Inventory made into nicer section that can be expanded
    • Legendary Items through Inventory will expand across
    • Different symbol for Feats/Perks/Flaws/Inventory to expand
    • Output to Chat made to take up slightly less space w/ different background
  • Other Inventory/Notes section not finished
    • Will be made to be like the inventory section
    • Might be updated before merge, maybe not on 2018 January 21st

  • XP Feat & Attribute Points calculate for 0
  • Default (Dis)Adv updates for straight Attributes on 2017 December 31st

  • Removed the temporary warning that old inventory not moved over would be lost
  • Completely removed the old inventory section on 2017 December 4th

  • 3 Inventory sections outputing wrong "name" to chat. on 2017 November 27th

  • Inventory, Notes, Goals, Beliefs, & Instincts can now be sent to chat
  • Inventory Area Re-worked on 2017 November 18th

  • Fixed Default (Dis)Advantage not always popping up correctly
  • Updated Attribute description text
  • GUI update to chat window rolls
    • Rolled Value much larger
    • Power Level display changed
      • No shows you the Achieved Power Level based on your roll
      • Shows the Min Needed to Succeed as well as the Max Allowed (based on what is entered in Actions)
    • Increased the Description areas to display a max of 7 lines (mouse scroll wheels jump 6-7 lines at a time) on 2017 October 16th

  • Fixed HP/Lethal Damage having odd error that locks up HP calculations on sheet
  • Outputs to chat show Attribute Score next to the Attribute now
  • Attributes can have a max value of 10
    • Before only 9 has that is the highest a PC can have (changable through "dice modifer")
    • Changed it to 10 so NPC charactersheets can have this value and to make it possibly easier for players on 2017 September 12th

  • Default (dis)advantage number for Actions & Attributes
    • Can now enter a default (dis)advantage amount for all action & attributes
    • The pop-up to ask you the number of (dis)advantage will be populated with this number now
      • This allows you to still modify it if you have additional above or below your default on 2017 September 11th

  • GUI update to HP & Speed
    • Lethal Damage combined with Current & Max HP lines
    • Speed made with ribbon, and taking up less space
    • Initiative made a seperate button
  • Initiative Advanced Options
    • Drop down to pick which Attribute to use (from attribute Sub, etc)
    • Ability to enter a default (dis)advantage number on 2017 September 11th

  • Made Destructive Trance Checkbox for Actions, Other Actiosn, and Legendary Items
    • Allows explosions on 1 less than max die size

1.8.9 on 2017 August 14th

  • Made the 2 columns into just 1 column for Feats, Perks, & Flaws
    • Code that auto combines the two columns into 1 new so no data lost
  • Added captialization to certain attribute names
    • Causes them to show at the top of the list for selecting the bubbles for tokens
    • Built in redundency, so new Characters will see a few doubles that have "4Token" on the end, as old sheets will still be lower case

1.8.8 on 2017 July 2nd

  • Fixed a typo in the Initiative output to chat (when clicking on Speed)
  • Made any Description output to the chat window from Actions be limited to 5 lines
    • If over 5 lines, adds a scroll bar, so now it won't take up so much space when someone has lots of description/info
  • Added in text below "Guard", "Toughness", and "Resolve" that indicates you can click them to do resist rolls
  • Also renamed "power level" variable that was causing error if you dragged an action to the quick bar that wouldn't display the "Max" power level info.

1.8.6 on 2017 May 14th

  • Fixed an error with other actions variable not being updated on its name
    • Caused it to not calculate roll syntax correctly when a value was updated in other actions

1.8.5 on 2017 May 6th

  • Fixed an error that caused actions to not roll because of 'undefined'
    • Caused by previous fix to Advantage/Disadvantage to the d20 in 1.8.0
  • Added support for modifying the "Level" to calculate XP, Feat Points, and Attribute Points
    • Previously it was only if you modified XP, now works for both
  • If value higher than 9 or lower than 0 is entered for Attribute, changes it to 0 or 9 as needed
    • Shouldn't be able to have values higher or lower than these
    • If value of 10 needed for dice size, can be done via input field within attribute settings "Attribute Dice Bonus/Penalty

1.8.0 on 2017 April 24th

  • Added in Extraordinary/Legendary Item section
  • Fixed an issue where Advantage/Disadvantage to the d20 wasn't working

1.7.91 on 2017 March 25th

  • Re-arranged the attributes to match the website order

1.7.9 on 2017 March 10th

  • Added Goals, Beliefs, and Instincts section for characters to record each that might help them in roleplaying their characters better.
  • Added a "non-essential" inventory and notes section.
    • Players could potentially use this to add homebrew material for record keeping. on 2017 February 27th

  • Took out Sanity Points as this was not Core Rules.
    • Just committed out, so can access it via custom sheets
  • Took out Attribute dice calculation for Attribute 11, highest meant to be 10.

1.7.8 on 2017 February 20th

  • Added for future compatibility: Attributes able to go to level 11 with new dice
    • This is mainly for Artifacts to be released soon
  • Added more sections to the sheet that can be soon or hidden:
    • Goals & Beliefs [in progress]
    • Sanity Points [complete]
    • Other Inventory & Notes [in progress]
    • Currently all three can be displayed, but nothing for the "in progress" ones but a place holder on 2017 February 19th

  • Fixed a missing call to output the Max power level for Other Actions on 2017 February 6th

  • Added "Size" field to character information.

1.7.7 on 2017 January 27th

  • Added Attribute Substitution for all Attributes
    • Fixed drop downs to have ALL attributes except for the current attribute being looked at
  • Updated all function calls to account for 1.7.6
    • Including calculations to display prorperly if attribute subsitution was being used

1.7.6 on 2017 January 24th

  • Added new universal function for determining attribute substitution values
    • Reusable code so less lines of code
  • Updated drop down menus to reflect change of Evasion > Guard
  • Renames lines "Increase/Decrease Dice Size" to be "Attribute Dice Bonus/Penalty"

1.7.5 on 2017 January 4th

  • Updated for new calculation of evasion, and evasion's name changed to Guard
    • Guard = 10 + Agility + Might + Armor + Other

1.7.4 on 2016 December 29th

  • Fixed an error in Workerscripts where it was unable to calculate b/c of a void value.
    • Only happened on pre-existing Actions, newly created ones would work fine.
  • Added Power Level Min & Max to Other actions.

1.7.3 on 2016 December 23rd

  • Added an option under "Favored Actions" and "Other Actions" to allow modification of dice size for rolling
    • This is mainly for the "Martial Focus" feat, or anyothers that may come along (maybe even items).

1.7.2 ON 2016 December 23rd

  • Changed refrences from Supernatural to Extraordinary where applicable

1.7.1 on 2016 December 15th

  • Modified power level to have a min and max value to input
    • Success message in chat output based on min value, but tells you for both.
  • Mozilla Firefox UI issues should now be resolved.

1.7.0 on 2016 December 13th

  • Added another actions section
    • Renamed Actions to "Favored Actions"
    • Created "Other Actions"
    • Allows players to better organize their actions, and with 1.6.8, hide so less cluttered
  • Added checkbox within actions if you need to specify a power level to roll at (for boons)
    • Roll templete now will tell if you were Successful, or Failed to reach the power level

1.6.9 on 2016 December 12th

  • Added a graphical change (blue highlight) to show which Physical Attribute is using substitution

1.6.8 on 2016 December 11th

  • Added "check boxes" to show/hide different areas of the sheet
    • Allows players to only see the information they want at a given time

1.6.7 on 2016 December 10th

  • Fixed a strange error where Presence would add 20 at a time to HP
    • Caused by fortitude substitution not be forced into an integer type
  • Fixed Attribute Substitution not updating if the Primary Attribute is changed
    • Modified On Change to be function, and calling from calcAgility function as well
  • Added an indicator at top left of sheet to display current version of the sheet
    • More functionality later with the gear to add changing of default values for the sheet

1.6.5 on 2016 December 1st

  • Fixed Actions to recalculate the roll string when any attribute is changed
    • Prior, you had to make a change to the action for the roll string to update if an attribute had been changed.

1.6.2 on 2016 November 30th

  • Quick Patch to fix a random mess up in Prescience Worker Script
    • Was not executing the call to update values.

1.6.1 on 2016 November 29th

  • Added the ability to add roll buttons to macro quick bar
    • Actions can be dragged to the marcro quick bar
    • "Speed" aka Initiative can be dragged to macro quick bar
    • "Evasion", "Toughness", and/or "Resolve" aka Resist Bane can be dragged to macro quick bar (all are the same as each other)
    • Currently Attributes, Feats, Flaws, and Perks can NOT be added to the macro quick bar (nor are plans to implement at this time)

1.6.0 on 2016 November 28th

  • Added graphics for the roll/chat window
    • Updated buttons for rolling to use the new template "openLegend"

1.5.1 on 2016 November 25th

  • Changed the code for Toughness
    • Uncommented the relvent code, and deleted the old
    • Toughness = 10 + Forititude + Will (used to be presence)

1.5.0 on 2016 November 21st

  • Added the character's name to be displayed on chat window on rolls
  • Updated the Actions section to calculate the roll string like the attributes
    • Needed to seperate it from just reading Attribute roll, as Advantage/Disadvantage for d20 in non-combat situations
  • Added additional calculations for the extra sections on Physical attributes
    • For all 3, drop down to select Attribute Substitution (Agility for Evasion, Fortitude for Toughness & Hit Points)
    • For might, a checkbox, checked means the Attribute Substitution applies to max heavy carry
  • Updated Javascript to reflect attribute substitution possibilities
  • Updated calculations to Speed to change to 0 for certain cases
    • If over max heavy carry
    • If over 2 bulky items
  • NOTE: Players will have to reselect attributes to use for Actions do to the drop down menu being updated with different values.

1.4.0 on 2016 November 21st

  • Added gear/settings tab next to all 18 attributes
    • Click expands further information about each attribute
    • Options to Increase/Decrease both the dice size and cost of the attribute due to feats
    • Option to give Advantage/Disadvantage to the d20 part of the attribute roll due to feats and possibly boons/banes
    • Further development needed for Physical Attributes to include an "Attribute Substitution" drop down menu, to be implimented next.

1.1.5 on 2016 November 20th

  • Made "Evasion", "Toughness", & "Resolve" clickable buttons that roll d20 for resisting banes (after watching HyperRPG mini-series)
  • Put in commented out code for possible change to Toughness calculation
    • Presence might bet switching to Will for Toughness

1.1.0 on 2016 November 19th

  • Fixed CSS to look correctly in Mozilla Firefox
  • Added fields under Hit Points
    • From Feats & From Others so you can increase your total Hit Points
  • Added an example area (place holder) that can be shown/hidden beneath Prescience Attribute
    • For further development to include changes that feats may have to Attribute Scores/Dice and Other -Place holder for now, will be expanded upon for each Attribute


  • SHEET READY for mass consumption
  • Equipment section graphically fixed
  • Small tweaks to size (pixel) of a few other areas
  • Repositioning of Armor Penalty and Armor Training (changed to Feat) to be with Speed section
  • Hid the values for Heavy & Bulky in relation to speed


  • GUI update
    • Background images for all but inventory
    • Gear for settings to expand for more information in Actions, Feats, Perks, Flaws
    • Optional variations for inventory shown (options 2 & 3 do not calc for heavy/bulky, just for show)
    • pixel widths for 1/3 set to 275 (3 columns on sheet, total 825 pixel across design)
      • Still needs minor fixes for full flowing when width adjusted down, but 1 step closer
  • Auto calculation for Feat points spent


  • Fixed reaching max Heavy items carried = 1/2 speed
    • Was suppose to be Might + 1, was only at Might that this triggered


  • Rule update: Toughness changed to be Fortitude + Presence + 10 + Other
    • No longer uses armor or shield, added in Presence.
    • forceful attacks used to go after toughness, now all weapon attacks go after evasion.
  • Made all cost fields for Attributes disabled to user changes
  • Moved "legend points" to be next to "level" and "xp" at the top of the sheet
  • Added "Lethal Damage" section where "legend points" used to be
    • Any changes to lethal damage auto subtract from "hit points" maximum
  • Took away selection menu for "speed" and replaced with a "base speed" option
    • Speed is calculated using base speed, armor penalties and/or training, and the amount of heavy and bulky gear
  • Made Armor and Shield slots next to Evasion and Toughness disabled to user changes, and read from armor and shield in equipment section
  • Added "Equipment" section to sheet
    • 20 items used in Open Legend with checkmarks next to each if the item is bulky or heavy
    • Heavy Result & Bulky Result, showing new max speeds
      • base speed halved if # of heavy items = might score
      • base speed changed to 5' if 2 bulky items
  • Added "Armor & Expanded Equipment" section to sheet
    • Armor and Shield section moved to here
      • Armor penalty in feet based on armor type
      • Armor training for feats that may reduce armor penalty
    • Repeating field section for any special items that may be gear packs, or ____ of holdings


  • Updated calls to Attributes for updating the total Cost Spent
    • Found error in updating before the cost value was set, so it was displaying the previous Total instead of the current.


  • Updated worker scripts to be more function based, and "onload" to run all calculations
    • To help with future changes, so sheets will update values
  • Changed Roll buttons so the "value" field is figured out in Javascript
    • To help with the strange case of Attribute 0 with Advantage & Disadvantage


  • Initial Release

Plans & Info


  • Fix Top info section of sheet to compress when page is shrunk
  • [done] Make Action rolls calculate their own string for Rolls +[no longer planned due to complexity of roll string] Have a spot for advantage/disadvantage that is permanent to that action roll
  • [done] Make a settings section for each Attribute
    • [done] For the physical: drop down menu for attribute subsitution
    • [done] For might, checkbox on whether attribute subsitution affects heavy carry
    • [done] For all, an option to increase or decrease dice size above/below what the attribute score would normally allow
    • [done] Option to Keep Highest/Lowest of d20 (based on certain feats)
  • [done 2016 Nov 19] Have fields for adjusting the Hit Point total for feats and other [done 2016 Nov 19] + Have "Fortitude, Presence, & Will" listed below Hit Points so people know which attributes affect Hit Points
  • [done] Make Inventory Section
  • [done] Include more fields for Feats, Perks, & Flaws +[done] Plus ability to click to roll them so all can see info about
  • [done] Include Inventory into speed (how it affects)
  • [done] Creation of a "fancy (advanced)" version of the sheet
    • [done] More optimization for web (and potentially mobile)
    • [done] Sections that disappear with a click
  • A settings section where you could modify certain values
    • For "homebrew" and if changes come up before final release of product
  • [done] A rolltemplete that isn't using the default
    • [in progress] Adding in a pop-up for target CR to caculate and do the math if you hit & damage
  • Clean up the CSS code
    • Currently includes a lot from a previous sheet I was using, some code doesn't apply


  • Javascript is employed to auto calculate nearly every field

    • Dice are determined based on Attribute values
      • Needs to be fixed if values higher than 9 are entered
    • Hit Points are auto calculated
    • Total points spent on Attributes calculate
    • Evasion, Toughness, & Resolve auot calculated
    • Feat & Attribute points auto calculated based on XP
    • Level determined based on XP
      • Needs to have something to indicate max value for Attributes based on level
  • This basic version was designed to aesthetically look like the Charactersheet provided by Open Legends

    • Certain design designed are done based on this, only planning to add a few things like inventory
    • The Advanced version (in developement) will have more robust use to it
    • Created this because notes indicate the Roll20 Charactersheet is in the "icebox" by developers at the moment.
      • If they put out one, may stop working on this and use theirs, or just focus on advanced version.
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