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"""Improved CouchDB client.
Unlike the couchdb python library, this returns an iterator view rows instead of a list.
import simplejson
import couchdb.client
from couchdb.client import Row
class Database(couchdb.client.Database):
def view(self, name, wrapper=None, **options):
if not name.startswith('_'):
design, name = name.split('/', 1)
name = '/'.join(['_design', design, '_view', name])
return PermanentView(self.resource(*name.split('/')), name,
class ViewResults(couchdb.client.ViewResults):
def _fetch(self):
data = self.view._exec(self.options)
wrapper = self.view.wrapper or Row
#self._rows = [wrapper(row) for row in data['rows']]
self._rows = (wrapper(row) for row in data['rows'])
self._total_rows = data.get('total_rows')
self._offset = data.get('offset', 0)
class PermanentView(couchdb.client.PermanentView):
def _exec(self, options):
if 'keys' in options:
options = options.copy()
keys = {'keys': options.pop('keys')}
_, _, data =,
_, _, data = self.resource.get(**self._encode_options(options))
return self.parse_view_result(data)
def __call__(self, **options):
return ViewResults(self, options)
def parse_view_result(self, rawdata):
rawdata = iter(rawdata)
header =
if not header.endswith("}"):
header += "]}"
data = simplejson.loads(header)
data["rows"] = self._parse_rows(rawdata)
return data
def _parse_rows(self, lineiter):
for row in lineiter:
row = row.strip()
if not row or row == "]}":
if row != ",":
yield simplejson.loads(row)
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