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"""Controller for /libraries.
import time
import logging
import datetime
import itertools
import web
import couchdb
from infogami import config
from infogami.utils import delegate
from infogami.utils.view import render_template, add_flash_message, public
from openlibrary.core import inlibrary
logger = logging.getLogger("openlibrary.libraries")
class libraries(
def GET(self):
return render_template("libraries/index", self.get_branches())
def get_branches(self):
branches = sorted(get_library_branches(), key=lambda b:
return itertools.groupby(branches, lambda b:[0])
class libraries_notes(
path = "(/libraries/[^/]+)/notes"
def POST(self, key):
doc =
if doc is None or doc.type.key != "/type/library":
raise web.notfound()
elif not
raise render_template("permission_denied")
i = web.input(note="")
user =
author = user and {"key": user.key}
timestamp = {"type": "/type/datetime", "value": datetime.datetime.utcnow().isoformat()}
note = {"note": i.note, "author": {"key": user.key}, "timestamp": timestamp}
if not doc.notes:
doc.notes = []
doc._save(comment="Added a note.")
raise web.seeother(key)
def get_library_branches():
"""Returns library branches grouped by first letter."""
libraries = inlibrary.get_libraries()
for lib in libraries:
for branch in lib.get_branches():
branch.library =
yield branch
class libraries_dashboard(
path = "/libraries/dashboard"
def GET(self):
keys ={"type": "/type/library", "limit": 1000})
libraries =
libraries.sort(key=lambda lib:
return render_template("libraries/dashboard", libraries, self.get_pending_libraries())
def get_pending_libraries(self):
docs ="library", name="current_status", value="pending")
return [self._create_pending_library(doc) for doc in docs]
def _create_pending_library(self, doc):
"""Creates a library object from store doc.
doc = dict(doc)
key = doc.pop("_key")
if not key.startswith("/"):
key = "/" + key
for k in doc.keys():
if k.startswith("_"):
del doc[k]
doc['key'] = key
doc['type'] = {"key": '/type/library'}
doc['title'] = doc.get("title", doc['name'])
return, doc)
class pending_libraries(
path = "/(libraries/pending-\d+)"
def GET(self, key):
doc =
if not doc:
raise web.notfound()
doc["_key"] = self.generate_key(doc)
page = libraries_dashboard()._create_pending_library(doc)
return render_template("type/library/edit", page)
def generate_key(self, doc):
key = "/libraries/" + doc['name'].lower().replace(" ", "_")
_key = key
count = 1
while is not None:
key = "%s_%s" % (_key, count)
count += 1
return key
def POST(self, key):
i = web.input(_method="POST")
if "_delete" in i:
doc =
if doc:
doc['current_status'] = "deleted"[doc['_key']] = doc
add_flash_message("info", "The requested library has been deleted.")
raise web.seeother("/libraries/dashboard")
i._key = web.rstrips(i.key, "/").replace(" ", "_")
page = libraries_dashboard()._create_pending_library(i)
add_flash_message("error", "URL %s is already used. Please choose a different one." % page.key)
return render_template("type/library/edit", page)
elif not i.key.startswith("/libraries/"):
add_flash_message("error", "The key must start with /libraries/.")
return render_template("type/library/edit", page)
doc =
if doc and "registered_on" in doc:
page.registered_on = {"type": "/type/datetime", "value": doc['registered_on']}
if doc:
doc['current_status'] = "approved"
doc['page_key'] = page.key[doc['_key']] = doc
raise web.seeother(page.key)
class libraries_register(
path = "/libraries/register"
def GET(self):
return render_template("libraries/add")
def POST(self):
i = web.input()
seq ="libraries")
doc = dict(i)
"_key": "libraries/pending-%d" % seq,
"type": "library",
"current_status": "pending",
"registered_on": datetime.datetime.utcnow().isoformat()
})[doc['_key']] = doc
if config.get("libraries_admin_email"):
render_template("libraries/email_notification", i))
return render_template("libraries/postadd")
def sendmail(self, to, msg, cc=None):
cc = cc or []
subject = msg.subject.strip()
body = web.safestr(msg).strip()
if config.get('dummy_sendmail'):
print >> web.debug, 'To:', to
print >> web.debug, 'From:', config.from_address
print >> web.debug, 'Subject:', subject
print >> web.debug
print >> web.debug, body
web.sendmail(config.from_address, to, subject=subject, message=body, cc=cc)
class locations(
path = "/libraries/locations.txt"
def GET(self):
libraries = inlibrary.get_libraries()
web.header("Content-Type", "text/plain")
return delegate.RawText(render_template("libraries/locations", libraries))
class stats(
path = "/libraries/stats"
def GET(self):
stats = LoanStats()
return render_template("libraries/stats", stats);
def get_admin_couchdb():
db_url = config.get("admin", {}).get("counts_db")
return db_url and couchdb.Database(db_url)
class LoanStats:
def __init__(self):
self.db = get_admin_couchdb()
def view(self, viewname, **kw):
kw['stale'] = 'ok'
if self.db:
return self.db.view(viewname, **kw)
def percent(self, value, total):
if total == 0:
return 0
return (100.0 * value)/total
def get_summary(self):
d ={
"total_loans": 0,
"one_hour_loans": 0,
"expired_loans": 0
rows = self.view("loans/duration").rows
if not rows:
return d
d['total_loans'] = rows[0].value['count']
freq = rows[0].value['freq']
d['one_hour_loans'] = freq.get("0", 0)
d['expired_loans'] = sum(count for time, count in freq.items() if int(time) >= 14*24)
return d
def get_loans_per_day(self, resource_type="total"):
rows = self.view("loans/loans", group=True).rows
return [[self.date2timestamp(*row.key)*1000, row.value.get(resource_type, 0)] for row in rows]
def date2timestamp(self, year, month=1, day=1):
return time.mktime((year, month, day, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0)) # time.mktime takes 9-tuple as argument
def date2millis(self, year, month=1, day=1):
return self.date2timestamp(year, month, day) * 1000
def get_loan_duration_frequency(self):
rows = self.view("loans/duration").rows
if not rows:
return []
row = rows[0]
d = {}
for time, count in row.value['freq'].items():
n = 1 + int(time)/24
# The loan entry gets added to couch only when the loan is deleted in the database, which is probably triggered by a cron job.
# Even though the max loan duration is 2 weeks, there is a chance that duration is more than 14.
if n > 14:
n =15
d[n] = d.get(n, 0) + count
return sorted(d.items())
def get_average_duration_per_month(self):
"""Returns average duration per month."""
rows = self.view("loans/duration", group_level=2).rows
minutes_per_day = 60.0 * 24.0
return [[self.date2timestamp(*row.key)*1000, min(14, row.value['avg']/minutes_per_day)] for row in rows]
def get_average_duration_per_day(self):
"""Returns average duration per day."""
return [[self.date2millis(*key), value] for key, value in self._get_average_duration_per_day()]
def _get_average_duration_per_day(self):
"""Returns (date, duration-in-days) for each day with duration averaged per day."""
rows = self.view("loans/duration", group=True).rows
minutes_per_day = 60.0 * 24.0
return [[row.key, min(14, row.value['avg']/minutes_per_day)] for row in rows]
def _get_average_duration_per_month(self):
"""Returns (date, duration-in-days) for each day with duration averaged per month."""
for month, chunk in itertools.groupby(self._get_average_duration_per_day(), lambda x: x[0][:2]):
chunk = list(chunk)
avg = sum(v for k, v in chunk) / len(chunk)
for k, v in chunk:
yield k, avg
def get_average_duration_per_month(self):
"""Returns (date-in-millis, duration-in-days) for each day with duration averaged per month."""
return [[self.date2millis(*key), value] for key, value in self._get_average_duration_per_month()]
def get_popular_books(self, limit=10):
rows = self.view("loans/books", reduce=False, startkey=["", {}], endkey=[""], descending=True, limit=limit).rows
counts = [row.key[-1] for row in rows]
keys = [ for row in rows]
books =
return zip(books, counts)
def get_loans_per_book(self, key="", limit=1):
"""Returns the distribution of #loans/book."""
rows = self.view("loans/books", group=True, startkey=[key], endkey=[key, {}]).rows
return [[row.key[-1], row.value] for row in rows if row.value >= limit]
def get_loans_per_user(self, key="", limit=1):
"""Returns the distribution of #loans/user."""
rows = self.view("loans/people", group=True, startkey=[key], endkey=[key, {}]).rows
return [[row.key[-1], row.value] for row in rows if row.value >= limit]
def get_loans_per_library(self):
# view contains:
# [lib_key, status], 1
# Need to use group_level=1 and take key[0] to get the library key.
rows = self.view("loans/libraries", group=True, group_level=1).rows
names = self._get_library_names()
return [[names.get(row.key[0], "-"), row.value] for row in rows]
def get_active_loans_of_libraries(self):
"""Returns count of current active loans per library as a dictionary.
rows = self.view("loans/libraries", group=True).rows
return dict((row.key[0], row.value) for row in rows if row.key[1] == "active")
def _get_library_names(self):
return dict((lib.key, for lib in inlibrary.get_libraries())
def get_active_loans_of_libraries():
return LoanStats().get_active_loans_of_libraries()
def on_loan_created(loan):
"""Adds the loan info to the admin stats database.
db = get_admin_couchdb()
key = "loans/" + loan['_key']
t_start = datetime.datetime.utcfromtimestamp(loan['loaned_at'])
d = {
"_id": key,
"book": loan['book'],
"resource_type": loan['resource_type'],
"t_start": t_start.isoformat(),
"status": "active"
library = inlibrary.get_library()
d['library'] = library and library.key
if key in db:
logger.warn("loan document is already present in the stats database: %r", key)
db[d['_id']] = d
yyyy_mm = t_start.strftime("%Y-%m")
logger.debug("incrementing loan count of %s", d['book'])
# Increment book loan count
# Loan count is maintained per month so that it is possible to find popular books per month, year and overall.
book = db.get(d['book']) or {"_id": d['book']}
book["loans"][yyyy_mm] = book.setdefault("loans", {}).setdefault(yyyy_mm, 0) + 1
db[d['book']] = book
# Increment user loan count
user_key = loan['user']
user = db.get(user_key) or {"_id": user_key}
user["loans"][yyyy_mm] = user.setdefault("loans", {}).setdefault(yyyy_mm, 0) + 1
db[user_key] = user
def on_loan_completed(loan):
"""Marks the loan as completed in the admin stats database.
db = get_admin_couchdb()
key = "loans/" + loan['_key']
doc = db.get(key)
t_end = datetime.datetime.utcfromtimestamp(loan['returned_at'])
if doc:
"status": "completed",
"t_end": t_end.isoformat()
db[doc['_id']] = doc
logger.warn("loan document missing in the stats database: %r", key)
def setup():
from openlibrary.core import msgbroker
msgbroker.subscribe("loan-created", on_loan_created)
msgbroker.subscribe("loan-completed", on_loan_completed)