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GOKb supports a number of APIs specifically designed to make consuming and integrating easier.

Data Consuming APIs

These APIs allow software agents to extract data from GOKb. OAI Interfaces provide a standards based synchronization mechanism.. Additionally, most URLs in GOKb support content negotiation and can be used as an API endpoint. We're working towards HATEOAS constraints for the pagination of search results pages. Appropriately authorized systems can send updates by posting the appropriate data to the resource URL.

Data Submission APIs


Documented in app at the /coreferencing page with more details here Co referencing Detail

See also :: There is a module called [[Sync Client Lib]] In the core repository which extends the OAI interface with change detection. This can be useful for implementers looking to get title level updates from the service. [[]KB+] GOKb integration is based upon this library extracting GOKb data via OAI.