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Apply tweaks to LilyPond
Scheme LilyPond
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Apply tweaks to LilyPond scores by addressing items externally

This library is part of openLilyLib. For information regarding the installation of openLilyLib please refer to oll-core.

Jan-Peter Voigt

Licence: GPL V3

What it is

The edition-engraver is used to apply or inject layout modifications to a score without polluting the musical source with tagged overrides. The external overrides are themself tagged with an edition-target-id, so they can be easily activated or deactivated.

Current state

The current implementation is tested and used in production by a small group of users. It is able to apply overrides, context property set, breaks and some more modifications.


The edition-engraver shall be developed for relative mods in time - e.g. apply mod 3/4 quarters beyond mark X. This version is able to propagate mods if the measure-position exceeds the measure-length. A mod addressed at 3 5/4 will take effect at 4 1/4 if the current measure-length is 4/4.

And it shall deal with ids to apply tweaks to designated grobs or objects.

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