ScholarLY, a library for annotating LilyPond scores
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ScholarLY is a toolbox for creating scholarly editions of musical scores with (mainly) GNU LilyPond. It belongs to openLilyLib, LilyPond's community library system. Therefore getting and installing ScholarLY is automatically handled by preparing openLilyLib. See its home page for details.

As part of openLilyLib, this library is released under the GNU General Public License. See openLilyLib's license for details.


ScholarLY includes a growing number of features. Currently, annotate and editorial-functions are implemented. Additionally, an initial version of the scholarLY LaTeX package will soon be published.

See the READMEs located in the respective subdirectories for more information on those utilities.

Getting Started

Prerequisite to using ScholarLY is activating openLilyLib with

\include "oll-core/package.ily"

openLilyLib will only be initialized once so it is safe to use this command in multiple initialization files. ScholarLY is loaded with openLilyLib's \loadPackage utility:

\loadPackage \with {
  modules = annotate
} scholarly

Inside the command, as the above example shows, we declare which modules should be loaded. Currently, annotate and editorial-functions are the available modules. annotate implicitly loads editorial-functions, so it is not necessary to list both, though it is of course possible.

Once scholarLY is running, its behaviour can be configured using openLilyLib's global configuration mechanism. Please refer to the manuals of both for more information.