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Fixed missing declaration

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1 parent a030990 commit a905b17695b9a5f92cf528a3977ffd15e9a4d1fc iODBC Maintainer committed Jan 8, 2013
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  1. +1 −0 iodbcadm/gtk/gui.h
@@ -219,5 +219,6 @@ void addfiles_to_list(HWND hwnd, GtkWidget* widget, LPCSTR path);
void addlistofdir_to_optionmenu(GtkWidget* widget, LPCSTR path, TDSNCHOOSER *choose_t);
LPSTR create_keyval (HWND wnd, LPCSTR attrs, BOOL *verify_conn);
LPSTR create_fgensetup (HWND hwnd, LPCSTR dsn, LPCSTR attrs, BOOL add, BOOL *verify_conn);
+void create_message (HWND hwnd, LPCSTR dsn, LPCSTR text);

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