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An open-source ODBC driver manager and SDK that facilitates the development of database-independent applications on linux, freebsd, unix and MacOS X platforms.
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0. Changes
	a. I realized that a driver manager doesn't aware of 
	   difference between a C5 (i.e. hstmt) and a C6 
	   (i.e. transaction) states. 

	b. The link flags "-lc" has been removed from Linux ELF
	   section of to fix a segment fault problem.
	   Now, it works fine on Slackware 2.3 and Red Hat 2.0
	   (kernel version are 1.2.xx and 1.3.xx respectively).
	c. On FreeBSD 2.x, dlsym() doesn't handle the '_' 
	   prepended before a exporting function symbol. So, 
	   CLI_NAME_PREFIX needs to be defined as "_SQL" for 

	d. Some files are renamed
		dld.c	-> dlf.c
		dld.h	-> dlf.h
		confg.h -> config.h

1. iODBC driver manager platform availability

   iODBC driver manager has been ported to following Unix platforms: 

	SunOS		4.1.x		Sun Sparc
	HP/UX		9.x, 10.x	HP9000 s700/s800
	HP/UX		9.x 		HP9000 s300/s400		
	IBM AIX		3.x, 4.x 	IBM RS6000, PowerPC
	Sun Solaris	2.x		Sun Sparc, PCx86
	SGI Irix SVR4	5.x, 6.x	IP12 MIPS, IP22 MIPS
	NCR SVR4 	3.x		NCR 3435
	UnixWare SVR4.2 1.x, 2.x	x86
	DEC Unix(OSF/1)	3.x, 4.x	DEC Alpha
	FreeBSD		2.x		x86
	BSDI BSD/OS 	2.x		?
	Linux ELF 	1.2.x, 1.3.x	x86
	SCO OpenServer 	5.x 		x86
	Max/OS SVR4	1.x		Concurrent Maxion 9200 MP
	DG/UX		5.x		Aviion

   Porting of iODBC driver manager to some non-unix operating systems
   such as Windows family(3.x, 95, NT), OS/2 and Mac is supported but 
   has never compiled and tested yet :). Of cause, you need to supply 
   a make/build file and a short LibMain for creating the iodbc.dll.

2. How to build iODBC driver manager:

	step 1. Identify your system
	step 2. Run build with a suitable option
   Here is an example:

	%[1]: sh iodbc-2.12.shar
	%[2]: cd iodbc-2.12
	%[3]: uname -s -v -r -m
	HP-UX B.10.01 A 9000/710
	%[4]: ./build hp700
	autoconfig hp700
	Generating iODBC driver manager --> /home/kejin/

3. odbc.ini( ~/.odbc.ini )

   Driver manager and drivers use odbc.ini(or ~/.odbc.ini on Unix) file 
   or connection string when establishing a data source connection. On
   Windows, odbc.ini is located in Windows directory. On unix, iODBC driver 
   manager(and all other ODBC drivers and driver managers I awared) looks 
   .odbc.ini file in real user's home directory (it could be a softlink to 
   the file located somewhere else). Make sure your driver will look into 
   the same file (or a file which is a symbolic link to the same file).  
   The format of odbc.ini( or ~/.odbc.ini ) is defined as:

	odbc.ini(or .odbc.ini) ::= data_source_list

	data_source_list ::= /* empty */
			   | data_source '\n' data_source_list

	data_source ::= '[' data_source_name ']' '\n' data_source_desc

	data_source_name ::= 'default' | [A-Za-z]*[A-Za-z0-9_]*

	data_source_desc ::= /* empty */
			   | attrib_desc '\n' data_source_desc

	addrib_desc ::= Attrib '=' attrib_value

	Attrib ::= 'Driver' | 'PID' | 'UID' | driver_def_attrib

	driver_def_attrib ::= [A-Za-z]*[A-Za-z0-9_]*

   An example of .odbc.ini file:

	# yellow page of metro Toronto
	Driver = /usr/lib/odbc/

	# white page of metro Toronto
	Driver = /usr/lib/odbc/

	# all contract documents
	Driver = /usr/lib/odbc/

	# NNTP netnews group 
	Driver = /usr/lib/odbc/
	Server =

	# data source for R&D test
	Driver = /home/r_d/odbc/
	URL = empodbc://

	# default to odbc gateway
	Driver = /usr/lib/odbc/

4. Tracing

   iODBC driver manager traces driver's ODBC call invoked by the driver 
   manager. Default tracing file is ./odbc.log. Tracing option (i.e. 
   on/off or optional tracing file name) can be set in ~/.odbc.ini 
   file (under a data source section) as:

	TraceFile = <optional_trace_file>
	Trace = ON | On | on | 1 | OFF | Off | off | 0

   If <optional_trace_file> is stderr or stdout, i.e.
        TraceFile = stderr 

	TraceFile = stdout

   the tracing message will go to the terminal screen(if it is available).

   iODBC driver manager allows one to tune on/off tracing on selected
   connection(s). Different connections can share one or use different 
   tracing file(s). ODBC calls on connections without tuning tracing on
   will not be traced. 
5. File list:

	README		This file
	IAFA-PACKAGE	Version and copyright information
	Changes.log	Source changes log	Version make include file	Config  make include file
	Makefile	make file
	config.h	system config include file
	isql.h		ODBC 1.0 macro 
	isqlext.h	ODBC 2.0 macro
	dlf.h		general dynamic loader module interface
	dlf.c		general dynamic loader module (mapping to svr4)
	dlproc.h	simple dynamic loader module interface 
	dlproc.c	simple dynamic loader on top of dlf module
	herr.h		error handling module interface
	herr.c		error handling module		error handling source include
	henv.h		environment handle interface
	henv.c		environment handle module		environment handle source include 
	hdbc.h		connection handle interface
	hdbc.c		connection handle module
	hstmt.h		statement  handle interface
	hstmt.c		statement  handle module
	connect.c	connect functions
	prepare.c	query prepare functions
	execute.c	query executing functions
	result.c	query result property functions
	fetch.c		query result fetch functions
	info.c		driver information functions
	catalog.c	catalog functions
	misc.c		miscellaneous functions
	itrace.h	macro
	itrace.c	trace function
	main.c		entry function used to build a share library on AIX
	shrsub.exp	export symbol list used on AIX
	autoconfig	shell script for creating
	build		shell script for building iodbc driver manager 
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