virtuoso 6.1.5 fails to build with bison 2.6 #9

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Compiling with bison 2.6 installed causes the build to fail, with the message:

In file included from sparql2sql.c:31:0:
sparql_p.h:451:5: error: conflicting types for ‘sparyyparse’
sparql.h:726:12: note: previous declaration of ‘sparyyparse’ was here

Full build logs are available at if needed.

It appears that the issue is due to the following note from the ChangeLog for bison-2.6:
*** Features deprecated since Bison 1.875
YYPARSE_PARAM and YYLEX_PARAM, deprecated in favor of %parse-param and
%lex-param, will no longer be supported.
Unfortunately, I don't understand Bison well enough to offer a patch for this change.


openlink commented Aug 2, 2012

This has been fixed in the virtuoso opensource 6.1.6 version which has just been released.

@openlink openlink closed this Aug 2, 2012

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