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First incarnation of modular FOM support. It is hacking in a few places and needs further attention. Jira's have been registered for that work and it will come later. Has a Java 1516e example federate that is now failing due to encoding helpers stuff which Michael's work should address. As such, ready for a merge and will fix other problems as separate bugs.

timpokorny added some commits Oct 4, 2012
@timpokorny timpokorny PORT-106: Put the basic framework in place to start supporting the
parsing and use of multiple FOM modules. We can now parse a bunch of
modules, but the merging never takes place. Have a simple test in place
for the successful condition, but no negative tests yet. Added in the
restaurant modular FOM set example from Pitch for testing purposes.
We're on the way now (finally).
@timpokorny timpokorny PORT-106: Started to fill out the testing for the module merging on
federation creation. Time to start actually implementing it!
@timpokorny timpokorny PORT-106: Added in the implementation for model merging. While it
currently mostly works, there is a bug that means that merging classes
into a model can cause other classes to become inaccessible (due to a
handle clash). I am about to address, this bug, but it may affect FOM
parsing for the v1.3 and ieee1516 interfaces as well as ieee1516e, so I
want to make sure everything is in a state I can easily roll back should
I have to.
@timpokorny timpokorny PORT-106: Avoided need for FOM parser editing and just updated the
ModelMerger to reassign handles when a merge happens. Difficult to
follow and not elegant, but functional for now.
@timpokorny timpokorny PORT-106: Basics of modular FOMs now working in create federation and
join federation calls. Go forth, people, and have your FOM merging!
Just have to update with a Java example federate and we're all done.
@timpokorny timpokorny PORT-106: Finally got most of the example federate working. Threw up a
number of bugs in the FOM merging that were painful. Can't win. Now
failing on an EncodingHelpers problem. Michael should already have a
solution for this, so ready to push into trunk so we can merge our stuff
together and hopefully have a working 1516e example federate with
modular FOM support.
@timpokorny timpokorny merged commit c4fdf66 into openlvc:master Oct 9, 2012
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