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OpenLyrics is a free, open XML standard for Christian worship songs.  The
goal of OpenLyrics is to provide an application-independant and operating
system-independant song format for interoperability between applications.

For more details see:


openlyrics-0.8.rng	- RelaxNG XML Schema for a song		- Python script to validate XML using RelaxNG schema

chords.txt		- examples of chord notation
themelist.txt		- standardized song themes (from


examples		- song examples
examples/simple.xml	-   minimalistic song example
examples/complex.xml	-   complex song example
examples/format.xml	-   example with formatting tags
examples/format2.xml	-   more complex song with formatting tags

songs			- several song examples
tools			- additional tools


Online Validator

Other RelaxNG Software

Included Validator
------------------ - for validating xml documents with given RelaxNG schema.

To use this python script you need:

  * python >=2.4
  * python library lxml:

  python openlyrics-0.8.rng any_song.xml
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