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Open Mainframe Project

Home for technical activities hosted by the Open Mainframe Project.

Open Mainframe Project Logo

The Open Mainframe Project was founded in 2015, as a focal point for deployment and use of Linux and Open Source in a mainframe computing environment. Open Source is the collective thread within leading organizations that look to leverage their technology infrastructure as a competitive advantage. The mainframe design principles of security, stability, scalability, and performance are important to these leading organizations, and having the mainframe interoperable in a hybrid infrastructure enables leading organizations to realize its benefits. Open Mainframe Project believes this is best achieved as a community through open source.

This organization contains the repositories for the core Open Mainframe Project and many of the hosted projects and working groups. Below is the list of core Open Mainframe Project repositories hosted here.

  • foundation, which contains materials on the Open Mainframe Project itself including the charter, policies, overview decks, and program materials.
  • tac is the home of the TAC processes, policies, programs, and meeting minutes. You can most easily view these materials at
  • artwork contains artwork for the Open Mainframe Project, it's hosted projects and working groups, and other programs hosted. You can most easily view these assets at
  • omp-landscape is the source for the Open Mainframe Project Landscape and where you can suggest changes and new entries. You can view the landscape at
  • project-template is a template for using when starting a new project at the Open Mainframe Project
  • wg-template is a template for using when starting a new working group at the Open Mainframe Project

Learn about all the hosted projects and working groups and how to get involved at


  1. tac Public

    Open Mainframe Project TAC processes and meeting notes

    CSS 64 33

  2. artwork Public

    🎨Open Mainframe Project related logos and artwork

    Ruby 9 4

  3. foundation Public

    Open Mainframe Project foundation level resources, such as the charter, FAQ about the project, and other public assets

    Python 37 20

  4. 🌄Landscape for popular open source projects specific to the mainframe. This interactive landscape, similar to that of the CNCF Landscape (, shows details including GitHub stars, …

    Shell 11 17

  5. project-template Public template

    Project template for new OMP projects

    2 4

  6. wg-template Public template

    Working group template

    1 2