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Open Mainframe Project Mentorship Program

The Open Mainframe Project is intended to serve as a focal point for deployment and use of Linux and Open Source in a mainframe computing environment. The Project intends to increase collaboration across the mainframe community and to develop shared tool sets and resources. Furthermore, the Project seeks to involve the participation of academic institutions to assist in teaching and educating the mainframe engineers and developers of tomorrow.

Through the Open Mainframe Project Mentorship Program, mentees will be able to....

  • Expand their knowledge of mainframe technology
  • Help contribute to open source projects that will make it easier for these infrastructure applications to run on mainframe.
  • Learn crucial skills for a intern to be successful in a technology role within today's enterprise, including but not limited to project planning, communication, problem solving, and scoping.
  • Be exposed to potential employers which help them transition into their career path successfully.

Projects for Mentees

Mentees should review the current list of projects looking for mentees. If you have a different idea for a project, feel free to submit it and then reach out to the Open Mainframe Project techincal community email list and/or forums to help find a mentor who can assist.

Open Mainframe Project hosted projects and other open source projects are welcome to provide projects for mentees to consider using the guidelines provided.

How to participate

Mentees can participate in the Open Mainframe Project Mentorship Program in a vareity of ways.

Funded mentorships

The Open Mainframe Project funds mentees to complete projects during the period between semesters in the months of May, June, July, August, and September. Upon successful completion of the mentorship, mentees are invited to present at an industry conference. The Open Mainframe Project funds travel and expenses for mentees.

Program schedule

The schedule and proposal process for the 2020 program is now available.

Past Program Schedule and Mentees

Check out the past class of mentees who have participated in the program.

Past mentees also recieve the below digital badge when they successfully complete the mentorship program.

Mentorships for class credit

Mentorships can also be done as a part of an acadmeic class, such as a self-study or capstone program. Mentees should have thier academic institution advisor or instructor contact the Open Mainframe Project Mentorship Program Administrator to coordinate on requirements needed to complete this.


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