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2020/10/01 Feilong project meeting

Start Time : Oct 1, 2020 05:26 AM

Meeting Recording:

Access Passcode: n.S$FP6B


  • Len Santalucia
  • James Vincent
  • Michel Beaulieu
  • Mike Friesenegger

Agenda topics

  • Introduction of new attendees
  • Thoughts about the OMP Summit
  • Ansible storage automation update
  • Update on use of Vicom Infinity hardware by Feilong

Meeting Notes

Introduction of new attendees

  • Michel Beaulieu
    • Lives in Montreal
    • Works with z/VM
    • Interest in Feilong because of IBM Cloud Management Appliance and IBM Cloud Infrastructure Center
    • Works for IBM

Thoughts about the OMP Summit

  • MeetingPlay platform selected was very good
  • Heard it was very well attended
  • Multiple interested people to join Feilong project

Ansible storage automation update

  • Wrapping up the summer intern project
    • Finalizing security, documentation and other things
  • Had a call with ICU-IT to discuss how the Ansible storage automation project and the python-zvm-sdk scsi lun automation can work together
    • Johan Schelling from ICU-IT was on
    • Nick Snel of ICU-IT was not able to join
  • Vinnie and his intern want to integrate into greater Feilong project
    • Suggestion to Vinnie is to create pull request to python-zvm-sdk
      • The PR will allow the Feilong developers to discuss the proposed submission

Update on use of Vicom Infinity hardware by Feilong

  • CI/CD infrastructure
    • Mike will encourage Dong Ma to join the next call
    • Vinnie suggested a call to get more information on the technical issue
  • Developer infrastructure
    • Mike Friesenegger is working on the deploying the image and will update during the next meeting

Next meeting agenda topics

  • Discuss after-the-summer promotion of the Feilong project
  • Status on CI/CD and developer infrastructure projects