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Approved by Open Mainframe Project TAC on 2018-09-05

Open Mainframe Project Top Level Project Proposal Process

Based on the CNCF Project Proposal Process v1.1


This governance policy sets forth the proposal process for projects to be accepted into the Open Mainframe Project. The process is the same for both existing projects which seek to move into the OMP, and new projects to be formed within the Open Mainframe Project.

Project Proposal Requirements

Projects must be proposed via a new GitHub Issue. Project proposals submitted to the Open Mainframe Project TAC must provide the following information to the best of your ability:

  • Name of project (must be unique within Open Mainframe Project)
  • Project description (what it does, why it is valuable, origin and history)
  • Statement on alignment with Open Mainframe Project charter mission
  • Are there similar/releated projects in the out there? If so, what is different about this project?
  • Sponsor from TAC (sponsor helps mentor projects)
  • Preferred maturity level (see project stages))
  • License and contribution guidelines (refer to the OMP guidelines)
  • Source control (GitHub by default)
  • External dependencies (including licenses)
  • Initial committers (how long working on project)
  • Infrastructure requests (CI / OMP Cluster)
  • Communication channels (slack, irc, mailing lists)
  • Issue tracker (GitHub by default)
  • Website
  • Release methodology and mechanics
  • Social media accounts
  • Community size and any existing sponsorship

Project Acceptance Process

The project presentation will be added to the next TAC meeting where there is space available for a project proposal ( generally the TAC meetings have at the most 1-2 new project proposals ). The presentation slot is usually 15 minutes in length, and doesn't have to be of any particular form. The TAC generally will evaluate new project proposals on the submission content, along with the fit of the project into the Open Mainframe Project's mission and likelyhood of the project to graduate to Active stage.

The TAC may choose to vote on the project approval during that TAC meeting if 2/3rd of TAC members are present at the meeting. If a vote isn't held, it may be done via electronic means or postponed till the next TAC meeting. Projects get accepted via a 2/3 supermajority vote of the voting TAC members. All projects start at the Incubation stage by default unless the TAC approves otherwise.

Next steps

Once a project is approved, you can leverage the new project checklist to guide you through the process of coming into the OMP and helping the project graduate to Active stage.