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Project Title


Provide at least two or three paragraphs describing the task. Include the problem/opportunity in need of effort, as well as a description of the task to fix the problem or realize the opportunity. If there is a probable implementation path... "this will need steps X, Y, and Z to be completed" please describe it. If part of the task is evaluating one or more potential implementation paths and selecting/executing on one of them, please describe the options and the potential paths to be explored.

Additional Information

Provide links to bugzilla entries, release-plan notes, and/or other web-references that would be helpful information to potential interns.

Desirable Skills

List both the skills needed and the tools to be used. ie. Java programing with working knowledge of mainframe.

Expected Outcome

List the deliverable(s) (features/application(s)/report(s) etc.) expected




Additional Contacts

Identify the IRC channel(s) and mailing list(s) where potential interns can ask questions and further interact with members of Open Mainframe Project project they would be working with.