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Compliance engine


Provide a compliance engine where humans can input rules and the compliance engine will check whether blockchain records conform to those rules.

Additional Information

Work to be done would be:

  • Integration with a rules engine, for example: IBM's Operational Decision Manager (ODM) – extend and modify the Compliance engine to leverage ODM for rule definition and Rule execution.
  • Data aggregations – extend and modify the Compliance engine to provide statistical data aggregation functions – functions which will allow to either statistically aggregate asset data prior rule checking or to statistically aggregate results of rule checking post analysis for reporting purposes.
  • Scalability - extend and modify the Compliance engine to leverage Spark (or other cluster computing framework) to allow processing of large data sets and large sets of rules.

Desirable Skills

High familiarity with blockchain concepts, especially in the area of smart contract building and maintenance. Familiarity with the Hyperledger Fabric build of blockchain preferred. Familiarity with rules engines (open source or vendor based). Background in computer programming required. Background and familiarity with data science concepts and tooling (Spark, Jupyter Notebook, R, Python Pandas) preferred but not required.

Expected Outcome

A pilot solution for blockchain compliance engine. Bonus for extending engine to provide statistical aggregations and for using Spark to handle large rule sets.




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