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open source tools for drawing and publishing web comics
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webtoon: a simple tool for web comics

A set of simple tools for web comics. The tools support the following workflow:

  1. Draw line art on paper, then scan into an image.
  2. Use webtoon --scantoline to convert the scanned image into line art.
  3. Incorporate the resulting image into final colored art (with a tool of your choice. Save that out as final artwork.
  4. Use webtoon --shrink to convert the final artwork into the final resolution you need.

The script assumes that a date is used to name and organize the files. It creates a directory with the date, and names the files according to the following convention. The second number in the name is the step of the workflow, so that files appear in the order they are used. The date can be provided on the command line, or the script will use the current date if none is provided.

        2018-09-22_02-line.png          (created by --scantoline)
        2018-09-22_04-final_800px.png   (created by --shrink)
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