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Upcoming releases

  • load configuration -- handle pub port -- handle sub port -- handle a min set of data that is available in the cluster

  • automatic key generation based on 100ms?

  • store the data in time series format

  • pluggable operators on the stream

  • Representation as json -- adaptors in xml, yaml

  • support windows -- sliding: time, length, sorted, ranked, accumulating, time-ordering, externally-timed, expiry-expression-based with aggregations -- tumbling: time, length and multi-policy; first-event; expiry-expression-based with aggregations

  • Grouping, aggregation, sorting, filtering, merging, splitting or duplicating of event streams

  • vocab -- event --- name, type, qos (can be discovered) --- unique-id (user issued or system issued)

-- source -- filter ---- user can write code and this could be an sql as well -- sink


  • Handle streams of data


  • Google Dremel
  • Apache Drill
  • Storm
  • S4