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release 0.2.12

  • loop construct -> on a list is now available along with let command
  • upgrading panda, plus making sure request and result is available for the language
  • commands to navigate path
  • added reset commands for requestObj and history file picked from config
  • headers had issues and got fixed, module switching added
  • user/password can also be specified in rc file
  • fixed alias display, checking for version enabled
  • list is now executed in series (also respects any input statements in the list)
  • input command added
  • init from .rc file
  • aliases and list support added
  • panda environment integrated

release 0.1.5

  • prompt includes host/path
  • rest commands moved to plugin rest
  • moving towards a plugin architecture

release 0.0.8

  • switched to openmason
  • minimum documentation added
  • nosh bin added

release 0.0.5

  • added commands for get/verbose/request/response
  • rest call for auth & get added
  • initial repository creation
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