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This extension to MarkdownEditing is (hopefully) the beginning of a full syntax sepcification for the ikiwiki syntax.


Autocompletion for tag directive

The new ikiwikiMarkdown-Syntaxfile includes a scope selector ikiwiki.directive.tag which can be used to build a completion file which autocompletes only in this scope.

An example:

   "scope": "tag.directive.ikiwiki",

      { "trigger": "foo", "contents": "foo" },
      { "trigger": "bar", "contents": "bar" },
      { "trigger": "foobar", "contents": "foobar" }

This could be saved as tags-autocomplete.sublime-completions in the Users directory of you Packages. From now on your tags should be autocompleteable from this file. Note that anything else that can be autocompleted (e.g. citations via the Citer plugin if not disabled in the preferences) will also show up in the autocomplete pannel.

Build System

There exists a simple build system, which allows rebuilds and refreshes of your ikiwiki wiki (with verbose output, if you wish) from within Sublime Text itself. For this to work you should put the path to and name of your ikiwiki .setup file into your plugin settings.


Read Requirements first. Just download or clone this repository into your Packages folder. Make sure its name is ikiwikiEditing.



  • Beef up tag autocompletion:
    • Prevent other autocompletions to show up in tag directive
    • Autogenerate completion file via the renderfile option of ikiwiki (see man page of ikiwiki)
  • Beef up support for directives
    • implement general scope for all directives since they have all the same structure
    • implement all standard directives (everything in ikiwiki itself, excluding plugins) in the syntax file
    • implement all directives provided by the plugins in the goodstuff group
    • provide coloring of directives in the .tmTheme file
  • Show current page in default browser
  • Build snippets for all directives
  • Include the MyWiki Hack for Jumping/Creating new Wikipages/Following Links

It was initially forked from AcademicMarkdown as this provided a good starting point.

P.S.: So far it's not really meant for anybody else, since I am very inexperienced when it come to pretty much anything coding related. I am eager to learn, help out and so on, but it will take time to develop this thing, since I basically just needed something that helped me with autocompletion of tags in the tags directive, which in turn needed a scope, which in turn had to be defined in a special syntax file…

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