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Before installing |omv| make sure your hardware is supported.

  • CPU: Any x86-64 or ARM compatible processor
  • RAM: 1 GiB capacity
  • HDD:
    • System Drive: min. 4 GiB capacity
    • Data Drive: capacity according to your needs


The whole disc will be occupied by the system and swap space [1], so size doesn't matter so much. Data storage on the system disc is not supported.

Spinning Harddisk, SSD [2], Disk-on-Module [3], CompactFlash [4] or USB thumb drive [5] type drives can be used as system drive.

If you use a Flash Drive, select one with static wear leveling [6], without this the drive will have a very short lifetime. It is also recommended to install and activate the :ref:`Flash Memory plugin <plugin_3rd_party>`. The entire disk is used as system disk and can not be used to store user data.

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