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Feature: change blkid for lsblk #443

subzero79 opened this issue Sep 10, 2019 · 0 comments


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commented Sep 10, 2019

Description of issue/question

lsblk reports much more information about block devices than blkid, it has an option also to report in json which would make it easier to parse, in terminal the output looks good as a tree

sr0 11:0 1 551M 0 rom
vda 254:0 0 6G 0 disk
├─vda1 254:1 0 5G 0 part /
├─vda2 254:2 0 1K 0 part
└─vda5 254:5 0 1022M 0 part [SWAP]
vdb 254:16 0 1G 0 disk
└─vdb1 254:17 0 1023M 0 part /srv/dev-disk-by-label-test
vdc 254:32 0 1G 0 disk
└─vdc-crypt 252:0 0 1008M 0 crypt /srv/dev-disk-by-label-crypttest
vdd 254:48 0 1G 0 disk
└─vdd-crypt 252:1 0 1008M 0 crypt /srv/dev-disk-by-label-vdd
vde 254:64 0 1G 0 disk
└─vde1 254:65 0 1023M 0 part
vdf 254:80 0 103M 0 disk
└─vdf1 254:81 0 102M 0 part
vdg 254:96 0 1G 0 disk

Notice the mount point reports if the associated dev mapper under is encrypted. It would be good to have an extra column in the fs section to report if the block device associated with the mount point is encrypted

Now as json some columns only

root@omv5-dev:/dev/disk/by-label# lsblk -l -a -J -o uuid,type,name,mountpoint,fstype,path,maj:min,mountpoint
   "blockdevices": [
      {"uuid":"2019-08-16-07-08-11-00", "type":"rom", "name":"sr0", "mountpoint":null, "fstype":"iso9660", "path":"/dev/sr0", "maj:min":"11:0", "mountpoint":null},
      {"uuid":"c2c4ec20-87c3-4ef7-9366-788d2b12a06f", "type":"crypt", "name":"vdc-crypt", "mountpoint":"/srv/dev-disk-by-label-crypttest", "fstype":"ext4", "path":"/dev/mapper/vdc-crypt", "maj:min":"252:0", "mountpoint":"/srv/dev-disk-by-label-crypttest"},
      {"uuid":"fe3d2436-651f-4994-be83-66b8ea7b245e", "type":"crypt", "name":"vdd-crypt", "mountpoint":"/srv/dev-disk-by-label-vdd", "fstype":"ext4", "path":"/dev/mapper/vdd-crypt", "maj:min":"252:1", "mountpoint":"/srv/dev-disk-by-label-vdd"},
      {"uuid":null, "type":"disk", "name":"vda", "mountpoint":null, "fstype":null, "path":"/dev/vda", "maj:min":"254:0", "mountpoint":null},
      {"uuid":"50ababff-a22c-4adb-9f79-d90c72285d13", "type":"part", "name":"vda1", "mountpoint":"/", "fstype":"ext4", "path":"/dev/vda1", "maj:min":"254:1", "mountpoint":"/"},
      {"uuid":null, "type":"part", "name":"vda2", "mountpoint":null, "fstype":null, "path":"/dev/vda2", "maj:min":"254:2", "mountpoint":null},
      {"uuid":"88a0e3da-4d24-4a2c-8d6f-2a9f797fb33b", "type":"part", "name":"vda5", "mountpoint":"[SWAP]", "fstype":"swap", "path":"/dev/vda5", "maj:min":"254:5", "mountpoint":"[SWAP]"},
      {"uuid":null, "type":"disk", "name":"vdb", "mountpoint":null, "fstype":null, "path":"/dev/vdb", "maj:min":"254:16", "mountpoint":null},
      {"uuid":"3875f515-58d3-4b5c-bcf4-146472a5d7b0", "type":"part", "name":"vdb1", "mountpoint":"/srv/dev-disk-by-label-test", "fstype":"ext4", "path":"/dev/vdb1", "maj:min":"254:17", "mountpoint":"/srv/dev-disk-by-label-test"},
      {"uuid":"1b09da3e-5db6-4dde-9466-422057c28de4", "type":"disk", "name":"vdc", "mountpoint":null, "fstype":"crypto_LUKS", "path":"/dev/vdc", "maj:min":"254:32", "mountpoint":null},
      {"uuid":"ada57cad-239d-43da-aee8-6d35c0c88c6c", "type":"disk", "name":"vdd", "mountpoint":null, "fstype":"crypto_LUKS", "path":"/dev/vdd", "maj:min":"254:48", "mountpoint":null},
      {"uuid":null, "type":"disk", "name":"vde", "mountpoint":null, "fstype":null, "path":"/dev/vde", "maj:min":"254:64", "mountpoint":null},
      {"uuid":"133b8c13-abef-4f65-9e4e-47ab25af46e9", "type":"part", "name":"vde1", "mountpoint":null, "fstype":"ext4", "path":"/dev/vde1", "maj:min":"254:65", "mountpoint":null},
      {"uuid":null, "type":"disk", "name":"vdf", "mountpoint":null, "fstype":null, "path":"/dev/vdf", "maj:min":"254:80", "mountpoint":null},
      {"uuid":"6f5cb6b4-5749-4845-9a39-dcc0ccd9c5e7", "type":"part", "name":"vdf1", "mountpoint":null, "fstype":"ext4", "path":"/dev/vdf1", "maj:min":"254:81", "mountpoint":null},
      {"uuid":"2c0a2db2-f14a-45e0-a0c2-1278581cecfd", "type":"disk", "name":"vdg", "mountpoint":null, "fstype":"crypto_LUKS", "path":"/dev/vdg", "maj:min":"254:96", "mountpoint":null}

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