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Release Notes for Melody 1.0 (Release candidate 1)

The following are notable changes introduced since the release of Melody 1.0 (Beta 3). You can view the all RC 1 milestone tickets in Lighthouse.

  • Updated jQuery from 1.4.4 to 1.5 - we continue to stay on top of keeping the version of jQuery that is shipped with Melody up to date with the latest and greatest from the jQuery community. jQuery 1.5 has a number of new and notable features developers may want to take advantage of. (#716)

  • Updating to latest version of Config Assistant. The latest version of Config Assistant fixes a number of key bugs, improves overall stability, and enhances key user interactions around file management. (#705

  • Added a new configuration directive, PerlLocalLibPath, which adds support for use of the local::lib perl module which allows non-root users to set up a local perl library in their own home directories. This is helpful when a user's web host will not install new Perl modules that require compilation for them by allowing users to install those modules themselves and then instruct Melody on where to find them. (#744)

  • Remove the .pl versions of Markdown and SmartyPants, and fix the SmartyPants filter. Melody has deprecated the use of plugins that use Perl-based configuration files, however some of the plugins bundled with the core continue to use this outdated mode. This bug fixes that problem with two of those plugins. (#689)

  • Renamed SimpleEditor to SixApartEditor. Members of the community felt "simple" was a bad name because quite frankly it wasn't simple. Thus we renamed it after the developer of the rich text editor: Six Apart. (#712)

  • Removed support for Vox, the MT Updates Ping URL and Recently Updated key. With Say Media's acquisition of Six Apart, and with Vox moving to the dead pool we felt it time to retire certain features that were no longer operational. (#723 #724)

  • Fixed category tree "flattening" bug. Users reported a problem where the category heirarchy as displayed on the Edit Entry page was no longer evident because categories were no longer being indented properly. This has been fixed. (#555)

  • Numerous UI fixes. (#603 #703 +more)

  • DePo Clean theme set improvements and fixes (#606 #643 #743)

  • Remove lots of superfluous an unnecessary files. (#538

  • Comment performance optimizations. From Movable Type's bug database, "prior to MT 4.3, there was an index called 'mt_comment_blog_ip_date' covering the columns (comment_blog_id,comment_ip,comment_created_on). This index is essential for reasonable performance of comment-throttling, which is an MT feature that defaults to being enabled. This is evidently the source of a major performance problem on a large MT 4.32 client install with 1.1 million comments. They have become the target of frequent large-scale mt-comments spam attacks lately. Although the load from the spam attacks is not sufficient to show much of a blip on the web servers, it's consistently bringing the db server to 100% CPU usage, despite being an oversized quad-Xeon box. As a result, their site crawls to a halt, with logins, commenting, and pagination all appearing broken to end-users due to the dependency on the database." (#731)

  • Updated Data::ObjectDriver to v0.08 (#616)

  • Lots and lots of bug fixes of various sizes. We recommend users consult Lighthouse for a complete list of bugs to see if a bug that was affecting them has been fixed. If it hasn't, please remind the team so that we can fix it!


The following are the raw commits introduced in Melody 1.0 (Release candidate 1), listed in the order in which they were introduced into the openmelody/melody master repo.

Mike Thomsen2011-01-26 17:41:24 -0500 — 541a5ab (tree)

Case #645 - Removed superfluous error messages related to trackback and comment preferences in entry default settings.

Mike Thomsen2011-01-26 17:54:35 -0500 — cfe6b8c (tree)

Case #538 - Removed unnecessary WidgetManager static code.

Matt Carey2011-01-26 22:51:18 +0000 — a794643 (tree)

Case #496 - Edited the messaging style and added an extra style for the system version

Jay Allen2011-01-31 08:39:11 -0800 — b3aac8a (tree)

Revert "Case #343 - Moved asset autodirification code into MT::Asset::save"

This reverts commit 2521caf7e620ca5db5b70179d163cfbe4c3f411a.

Jay Allen2011-01-31 08:39:54 -0800 — bb0103b (tree)

Revert "Case #343 - Added support for autodirifcation of assets and two config directives to control the behavior."

This reverts commit a56c737e3893a7fd668439434d411eb712ff2e70.

Jay Allen2011-02-03 02:19:52 -0800 — 104816a (tree)

Case #730 - Fixed template map archive file path labels for author archives which read display_name but actually produced, correctly, the basename. Also removed all translations of the labels from all localizations since display_name is totally wrong and we don't have the proper translations for basename in this context.

Source case:

Jay Allen2011-02-03 02:19:52 -0800 — cdffa35 (tree)

Case #731 - SCHEMA VERSION BUMP - UPGRADE AHEAD! Restored mt_comment_blog_ip_date index which, before it's removal, was critical in streamlining performance of the comment app when comment throttling is enabled. Also removed mt_comment_parent_id index which was redundant and also removed from MT 5 for performance reasons.

Source case:

Jay Allen2011-02-03 02:19:52 -0800 — 27a31da (tree)

Case #732 - Fixed a bug in mt:Entries which caused it to apply the limit/lastn attribute before the category attribute when the tag attribute was also present.

Source case:

Jay Allen2011-02-03 02:19:53 -0800 — 468a605 (tree)

Case #733 - Fixing the "unnamed plugin died with: ERROR" error message thrown by run_callback in a number of different situations.

Jay Allen2011-02-03 02:19:53 -0800 — bbc3d97 (tree)

Case #734 - Removing build-generated L10N javascript files from Git versioning. Added mt-static/mt_ru.js to .gitignore

Jay Allen2011-02-03 02:25:42 -0800 — 7f496ab (tree)

Case #735 - Removed trans_error method from since it already inherits one from MT::ErrorHandler which does the exact same thing and hence is redundant. Also promoted its alias, errtrans(), MT::ErrorHandler to make it available as universally as the former.

Jay Allen2011-02-03 02:33:12 -0800 — 68d8cba (tree)

Case #736 - Added comment about conflicting DBD::SQLite version dependency in MT::ObjectDriver::Driver::DBD::SQLite

Jay Allen2011-02-03 02:40:58 -0800 — aba5a2c (tree)

Case #737 - Added comments about commented out error handling code in MT::ObjectDriver::Driver::DBD::SQLite which yields unhelpful errors in the face of database file permissions problems.

Timothy Appnel2011-02-01 00:21:28 -0500 — 88a1b1c (tree)

[#616 status:resolved] Updated Data::ObjectDriver to v0.08.

Mike Thomsen2011-02-02 19:07:36 -0500 — d85f91f (tree)

Case #716 - Updated jQuery from 1.4.4 to 1.5

Byrne Reese2011-02-02 22:01:33 -0800 — 83e5c8e (tree)

Case #712 - Renamed SimpleEditor to SixApartEditor because "Simple" was not self descriptive.

Byrne Reese2011-02-02 21:14:01 -0800 — ff0a3cf (tree)

Case #723 - Removed all references to Vox since Vox is sadly, dead.

Byrne Reese2011-02-02 21:30:25 -0800 — b5bc0cb (tree)

Case #724 - Removed support for the MT Updates Ping URL and Recently Updated key as this feature is no longer supported at or by the late Six Apart.

Byrne Reese2011-02-03 03:41:38 -0800 — 8722da5 (tree)

Case #705 - Updating to latest version of Config Assistant. This fixes an issue where plugin options of type 'colorpicker' configured by Config Assistant would not work because the proper colorpicker.css, jquery.colorpicker.js files and what not were not being included in the page. They were being included in the Theme Options, but not the cfg_plugins mode.

Byrne Reese2011-02-03 03:41:55 -0800 — fbbee0b (tree)

Case #707 - Fixed bug in which Config Assistant custom template tag handlers were failing when used within the context of a plugin option (as opposed to a theme option). It was failing because the handler was looking for a template set context. This worked for plugin options that had a blog scope, but were failing for plugin options at the system level where no blog context exists.

Jay Allen2011-02-03 03:49:35 -0800 — 4e263b2 (tree)

Case #712 - Checking in a fix for the newly failing test, t/93-plugins.t, changing SimpleEditor.plugin to SixApartEditor.plugin. (Please don't forget about unit tests!)

Jay Allen2011-02-03 04:48:18 -0800 — c8513aa (tree)

Syncing Config Assistant v2.1.18

Config Assistant cases and issues resolved:

  • #3 - Fixed perl warning: "my" variable $dir masks earlier declaration in same scope at addons/ConfigAssistant.pack/lib/ConfigAssistant/ line 172.
  • #2 - Fixed incredibly annoying warnings on upgrade: Use of uninitialized value $saved_version in numeric gt (>) at addons/ConfigAssistant.pack/lib/ConfigAssistant/ line 48
  • Lots of documentation updates
    • Added a table of contents for navigating this unwieldy beast
    • Adding initial header, adjusting subheaders and adding a prominent note for Melody users
    • Provided link to plugin repo on GitHub
    • Fixed inconsistent specification of plugin ID in examples
    • Edited and clarified the radio-image config type docs
    • Cleaned up the custom_type_hdlr routine to make it less visually noisy, hence hopefully clearer.
    • Separated syntax declaration from example pseudo-code so as not to confuse people
    • Fixed option callback docs which were missing the MT::Callback object argument, called the option label incorrectly and changed the argument names needlessly causing confusion.
    • Removed extraneous, old, incomplete sample config.yaml
    • Added a few FIXME's for later consideration
  • Bumped version to Config Assistant v2.1.17
  • Bumping to v2.1.18 to get back in sync with Melody

Jay Allen2011-02-03 12:30:15 -0800 — 5e77713 (tree)

Case #718 - Fixed an error produced when a non-sysadmin user searched entries from the system level: System search error: Not a HASH reference at lib/MT/CMS/, line 544

Jay Allen2011-02-03 13:31:16 -0800 — d080019 (tree)

Case #726 - Fixed an issue where a non-sysadmin user would be shown an error when executing a search from the quicksearch bar on their own user profile. The search now correctly searches entries (not users since privilege that is restricted to sysadmins)

Jay Allen2011-02-03 15:54:10 -0800 — 0b7759e (tree)

Case #720 - Renamed "Sanity Check" page to "System Diagnostics"

Jay Allen2011-02-03 16:28:27 -0800 — d41e818 (tree)

Case #744 - Added a new configuration directive, PerlLocalLibPath, which adds support for use of the [local::lib][] perl module which allows non-root users to set up a local perl library in their own home directories.


Timothy Appnel2011-02-03 18:10:10 -0500 — 3de72bb (tree)

Case #721 - Removed IO::Uncompress::Gunzip in addition to several other modules that are part of the same package (Compress::Zlib) and should not be included either.

Dan Wolfgang2011-02-03 15:21:56 -0500 — 3a57f69 (tree)

[#682 status:resolved] Add a "Retry" button to the upgrade process. If the upgrade fails for some reason (such as file permissions), the user can fix the problem then just click "Retry" to continue.

Matt Carey2011-02-03 23:21:04 +0000 — 3432330 (tree)

working on changing the arrow graphics

Matt Carey2011-02-03 23:49:27 +0000 — 9eb69f0 (tree)

more work on styling

Matt Carey2011-02-04 00:01:03 +0000 — 2d9f24e (tree)

final first batch of fixes

Matt Carey2011-02-04 00:38:06 +0000 — b595cb7 (tree)

fixed text colour on the sign-in options screen

Matt Carey2011-02-04 00:56:23 +0000 — ad7afc4 (tree)

Added overrides for the sign-in services to hide images which look bad on the purple or put in a background where needed.

Mike Thomsen2011-02-03 20:21:01 -0500 — ca0e065 (tree)

Case #746 - Fixed setup typepad link to make it go to webservices preferences.

Jay Allen2011-02-03 18:28:33 -0800 — 5fbdf4a (tree)

Case #746 - Slight amendment to last commit. Moved Javascript up with its own kind, amended the href value to be consistent and added a comment so we all know what in the heck that thing is.

Jay Allen2011-02-03 20:05:28 -0800 — dc1d36b (tree)

Case #742 - Fixed syntax error introduced in a previous commit and also "reduced the volume" of the XMLRPC::mt_ping method invocation alarm from an Activity Log error to a simple warning with a stack trace. No need to burden an already overburdened activity log with an error about a no-op.

Byrne Reese2011-02-03 22:08:25 -0800 — 45ca7b7 (tree)

Added parens around a split to fix syntax highlighting

Byrne Reese2011-02-03 22:09:16 -0800 — e3adbd0 (tree)

Case #665 - Fixed issue relating to the upgrade handler trying to pass off the request to a handler that had been renamed.

Byrne Reese2011-02-03 22:50:54 -0800 — 903a2bd (tree)

Removing theme_options.tmpl that is no longer used. Proper name and template is theme_options.mtml. The precense of this file is just confusing.' '

Byrne Reese2011-02-03 22:53:25 -0800 — 9c85f74 (tree)

Do not include jquery on the page if you are running in Melody, which includes jquery for you automatically. This preserves compat with Movable Type.

Byrne Reese2011-02-03 22:58:46 -0800 — 550c4bc (tree)

Do not include jquery on the page if you are running in Melody, which includes jquery for you automatically. This preserves compat with Movable Type.

Byrne Reese2011-02-03 23:04:45 -0800 — 4183210 (tree)

Case #713 - jQuery is now only included when Melody addons are used within the context of Movable Type. Superfluous jquery.js files have been added to the MANIFEST.SKIP so that they are not needlessly bundled with Melody thus bloating the size of the download.

Mike Thomsen2011-02-04 06:46:38 -0500 — 651ad52 (tree)

Case #606 - Fixed an incorrect tag which prevented searches from working in DePo Clean.

Mike Thomsen2011-02-04 06:50:09 -0500 — cdbbec3 (tree)

Case #643 - Converted depo clean to identifiers instead of translated labels for module loading.

Dan Wolfgang2011-02-04 15:18:59 -0500 — 192d25d (tree)

Case #689 - Remove the .pl versions of Markdown and SmartyPants, and fix the SmartyPants filter. Bumped to v1.0.3.

Dan Wolfgang2011-02-04 15:42:58 -0500 — 576fb7c (tree)

Case #675 - Removed broken translations from the Classic Blog Theme Pack.

Jay Allen2011-02-04 15:40:55 -0800 — 420ea26 (tree)

Case #689 - Added a unit test for ensuring that perl scripts in the plugin envelope are ignored when config.yaml also exists

Jay Allen2011-02-04 16:05:21 -0800 — a87ba82 (tree)

Case #689 - Added a second unit test to 93-init-plugin.t to ensure that the perl plugin isn't also loading in addition to the config.yaml initialization

Mike Thomsen2011-02-04 21:53:03 -0500 — e2da7b0 (tree)

Case #743 - Limited the number of images that the Flickr widget will load in DePoClean to keep the layout looking decent.

Byrne Reese2011-02-07 00:09:22 -0800 — 2573452 (tree)

Case #703 - Fixed and confirmed proper styling of compact, minimal and expanded view modes for list pages and list entries.

Byrne Reese2011-02-07 00:23:26 -0800 — 1a860d3 (tree)

Case #603 - Improved styling of "change note" field and incorporated feedback from the community. Here is what I did:

  • changed text from Change Note to Revision Note
  • made input field on Edit Template full width
  • convert plain text input field on Edit Entry to a 2-line textarea

Byrne Reese2011-02-07 09:37:04 -0800 — ec97cf4 (tree)

Incrementing static version and plugin version.

Byrne Reese2011-02-07 09:40:25 -0800 — 554cfc3 (tree)

Changed wording around "Factory Default" settings removing any mention of a specific product. This is in relation to a previous bug Case #741 - .

Byrne Reese2011-02-07 09:42:45 -0800 — 076f3de (tree)

Improved handling of situation where an asset is associated with a theme option and then later deleted. Users now have the option to remove/clear/reset the value of the field.

Byrne Reese2011-02-07 09:44:48 -0800 — c8a649c (tree)

Case #738 - Improved handling of link group field type (adding focus to the label element when the "Add Link" button is pressed) and removed dependency upon the jquery JSON plugin because it was allegedly conflicting with TypeCore's JSON library. In a future release we should replaced TypeCore's JSON library with a jquery library, reversing this implementation.

Byrne Reese2011-02-07 09:46:37 -0800 — a95aaa4 (tree)

Fixed spacing issue.

Byrne Reese2011-02-07 09:46:50 -0800 — 08137dd (tree)

Case #750 - Fixed handling of uploading and associating assets via Theme Options. Assets were previously associated with the system level, when in fact those assets should be associated with the blog level.

Dan Wolfgang2011-02-07 14:36:09 -0500 — 131857e (tree)

Case #555 - Comment out the weaken reference to fix category hierarchies.